The Costs of Getting a Computer Virus


Computer viruses. If you’re lucky, you will have never had one – or just have had your antivirus pick it up and throw it away – problem solved. The odds of you being completely unaffected by a computer virus, however, are getting slimmer and slimmer. Cases are going up year by year as more sophisticated viruses are developed and deployed. The impacts on small businesses are especially significant, as many leave themselves vulnerable simply because they don’t think they’re targets. They’re wrong and are making a mistake that could cost them a lot – these are the real costs of getting a computer virus.

  • Hiring an Expert – Hundreds/Thousands

If you don’t know anything about computers, you’ll likely have to hire an expert to fix your problems. Depending on how bad your virus problem is, an expert can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the hours that are required to solve your problem. A case study by 24×7 IT Solutions reports that one auto company had to pay $20,000 to fix a particularly pernicious virus that infected their server and all their files.

  • Digital Costs – 0 if you have a backup à Thousands with specialized apps

If you’re particularly stuffed, a virus will infect the innermost workings of your computer – your operating system. You’ll have to pay for a completely new operating system, as well as new applications if everything has had to be wiped. If you don’t have any backups, these costs can start to accumulate depending on the applications you need to use on a daily basis. If you get extremely unlucky, you will fall a victim of ransomware, which will hold your computer to ransom. Often it doesn’t give you enough time to consult an expert, insisting that you pay within a certain window. If you don’t pay – they will delete all your files and possibly wreck your computer. If you don’t have a backup, you risk losing everything – and there is no guarantee that they will restore your files if you do pay.

  • Rental of new laptop $100-600

Renting a new laptop while your current one is being fixed will cost you about $200 for a week, depending on who you’re renting from and how you’re getting your laptop repaired. When you use Apple Genius bar to help, they can take up to 3 weeks to do work on your mac, depending on how busy they are.

  • Losing a Client/Their Data – $$$

If you get hacked, you might lose an interested client, which can set you back a significant amount depending on your business. What will possibly cost more is reputational damage if your hack gets out. What’s more, if your clients’ sensitive data are compromised, you may be fined if you hadn’t safeguarded it correctly. These fines can be significant and, though they are more associated with large companies, if you get investigated your company can disappear in a flash as you’re forced to declare bankruptcy.

It’s always a good idea to be better safe than sorry – protect your computer today.


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