C Max Lithium for Car Audio, Here’s What You Need To Know


Cmax lithium batteries are on the rise for DIY Car Audio Lithium. The Cmax lithium battery cells come from the Ford Cmax Car. Car audio enthusiasts have found a way to get them to work effectively for their voltage needs in massive car audio systems. Higher Voltage means well more power, which in turn gives you a louder system. That the goal right, if your answer is yes, then stick around and read to the end of this post because we need to go over balancing, charging, battery deleting, and what vibrations do if you don’t, use a compression kit. Cmax is an excellent solution for mainstream car audio lithium.

Where are CMAX Cells from?

cmax cells

The Cmax Cells are from the Ford Cmax car that was in production from 2003 until 2019. This electric car was a fail within ford and discontinued. Chances are you’re going to find these cells at a junkyard, but if you dont know what you’re looking for, you can unknowingly grab dead or no good cmax cells.

These cells come in packs, do not just hook them up in your system. These cells will not operate correctly; you’re going to need additional parts and pieces for a safe operation using your Cmax lithium car audio setup.

What’s needed for Cmax Lithium to work in-car audio?

The Bussing for CMAX, the Buss Bars, are used to connect the cells for both the 5 aH Cells and the 24 aH Cells. Know what you are using; if you dont call the guys at Coventry Industries. The Bussing at Coventry industry is made in house in the USA. Not only can you pick what amp hour you want from 20 aH to 380 aH, but these are also High Quality and customizable.

The Balancing for CMAX, this is and always will be vital, so you dont catch your system on fire.

Compression kits and CMAX; this lithium doesn’t like shaken; they swell bad, leading to the lithium cell damage and possible fire. Listen, and just the compression kit will compress the Cmax cells and not have them shake and chatter. They come it many different options; your best bet is to find the size you need to move forward.

Lastly, DONT MIX Battery technologies, C MAX and AGM, LEAD ACID ETC, and dont mix will damage your car; it’s not if it’s when you’re going to need to do a battery delete. This is a process that involved you removing the upfront battery that runs your vehicle. Do not, but the Cmax setup near the engine, either like Cmax lithium, does not like shape or form like engine heat.

Charging the CMAX for optimal and longevity to charge at the correct Voltage issued for Cmax will be around 14.4v or a little higher depending on your setup. You will need a high output alternator.

Now that you have the cells, you’re going to need bussing, a balancer, and a compression kit. Where do you get all this, you may ask? Well, today is your lucky day because we have done all our homework and found the one-stop solution for your Cmax lithium for car audio shop. Based in Michigan, Coventry Industries offers the C Max Lithium for Car Audio and all the pieces you will need to get your Cmax lithium to work and your system playin


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