Choosing an E-Bike: Overview of New Models


Top Electric Bikes of 2020: Short Overview

The tempos of e-bike market expansion are extremely high in our times. Many individuals began considering electric bicycles as public transport alternatives even before the coronavirus pandemic made a huge impact on world economies. In turn, COVID-19 brought new clients to this market because the use of buses, trams, and metro trains in megacities rapidly became dangerous.

Regardless if you are a new electric bike rider or an experienced veteran, you should never forget about the safety measures required for us all:

  • Make sure the bicycle’s battery is charged before leaving for a long-distance trip;
  • Checking tires should become your habit to do that frequently enough;
  • Always have enough room between yourself and nearby cars, motorbikes, bicycles, scooters, etc.;
  • Don’t forget that your e-bike is almost always faster than traditional scooters or old-school bicycles. Stay cautious all the time;
  • The last and most important is to have that durable helmet on your head. Always.

Now, when both a newbie and a skilled rider picking their next bike are bound to remember the rules again, it is safe to proceed with the worthy e-bike models of 2020. It’s not a ranked list, just a reference source to help you choose your transport.

Cowboy 3

This e-bike model definitely stands among the smartest ones available so far. Its power-assisted ride will impress you with the amazing smoothness. The reasons are pretty obvious: a powerful engine combined with outstanding engineering solutions like the absence of gears and the refusal to use that regular metal oiled chain. Instead, they integrated a belt made of carbon fiber.

The shocking simplicity of setting this e-bike up to start riding is another plus available for its happy owner. Handlebar and seat adjustment is possible with the use of Allen keys included. Additionally, the user-friendly guide will let even the entirely new operator ride the bike shortly after unpacking it.

The app by Cowboy is a great assistant when it comes to riding directly. The built-in navigator is simple but very comfortable to use. The crash detector can be a health or life savior: it is able to detect an emergency and then notify the previously set contact about your location.

Cowboy 3 is a perfect model for everyone requiring something to get from one point to the other without finding compromises or thinking over multiple options. A person that needs to reach the office comfortably, a student willing to rest after ordering essays online to get more free time, or anyone else not setting special requirements for their e-bike will be totally satisfied with the Cowboy 3.

Batch Bicycles E-Commuter

The price of this pretty budget-friendly e-bike is impressive, while the parts included in it are surprising. The mid-drive Bosch Active Line Gen 3 unit with 250 watts of power is combined with a 400Wh accumulator. Stacked, these two offer up to 80 miles of distance covered per single battery charge (or up to 30 offered in turbo mode at max speed). Tracking is simple here, too: the included Purion device is extremely user-friendly and readable in any condition. 

You will appreciate the road control offered by Kenda Kwick Twenty.5 Sport tires. The transmission with 8 speeds (Shimano Altus) is rather a beginner’s nod, but it is still enough to let you get the uphill cruise gears with the adjusted, suitable tempo to keep. The E-Commuter shipment pack does not include the lights, but hydraulic disc brakes, a rear rack, and fenders are all parts of a pleasant bonus you get. 

To conclude on this e-bike, it should be noticed that this is a great entry-level option. It won’t require too much money to invest while staying more than good to serve as your first electric bicycle.

WAU Bike

The feature worth noting first about this e-bike is the distance it can cover. Here, the battery lifetime resource is not an anxiety point at all. With the extra battery connected, the WAU Bike rider can travel through up to 215 miles. Apart from distant biking travel enthusiasts, people using their bike as a city transport to get to the office or college will surely be pleased: they’ll need to use a plug socket once per week or even rarer.

The heart of the WAU Bike is the motor with the rear hub that is running smoothly no matter which pedal-assisted mode you run at the particular moment. Additionally, it’s simple to change the drive mode depending on a surface type or road angle you need to go through.

Packed with multiple features and nods by default like geo-fencing preventing the e-bike from riding out of a chosen zone, the multi-functioning rear lights, the 8-speed rear transmission block, and some more things, the WAU Bike is almost perfect.

The downside of this option is obvious: it’s expensive. The full pack of all features, including the ultimate 215-mile range, will cost you almost $4K. Although, the basic 40-miler is “only” $2.2K.


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