Canadian Child Abduction Cases

Child Abduction
Child Abduction

You’re waiting eagerly for your child outside the child’s school or playing ground, only to soon find out that there is no trace of your kid. Situations like this are nowhere near unique, as Canadian child abduction cases are on an ever-increasing trend.

Currently, the country is working on at least 250 child abduction cases, and the number is surely not decreasing. According to various sources, Canadian child abduction occurs when a parent of a child takes them away from the country without the consent of any authority or permission of the custodian parent.

The Challenges

Canadian child abduction cases are one of the most profound cases in Canadian law that have been very challenging for the government to overcome. Such a difficult and damaging experience of the parent has been one of the most challenging to deal with for the authority mainly because of the government’s relation with other nations.

In most Canadian child abduction cases, it has been seen that abductors flee to countries like Lebanon, Syria, etc. that has no extradition treaty with Canada. So, even if the custodian parent knows the whereabouts of his/her abducted child, there is nothing the parent can do legally. Many lawyers advise them not to travel to those countries as abducted parents already claimed charges against them, and those countries’ law would just arrest them for the accusation.

Secondly, even if left behind, parents do know their abducted child’s whereabouts, and they do claim legal support, the funding is pretty hectic. On the one hand, the legal system of the other country is a huge obstacle. On the other hand, the ability to attend the court hearing in another country is itself expectedly expensive. The overall process is very time-consuming, as well.

Finally, countries that are in Asia, Middle-east, or Africa do not follow the general legal system of Hague signatory rules. This means that returning one’s child from those countries is near impossible. These countries consider cases according to their own laws and customs. So, Canadian law has its hand-tied in such situations.

Suggestions for Left-behind Parents

The “International Child Abduction: A Guidebook for Left-Behind Parents” by the Canadian government provides guidelines on what left-behind parents should do in Canadian child abduction cases.

Firstly, a parent should contact the provincial or state police. If there is any suspicion, they should tell that to the local police and the guidebook provide full information on how to contact the local police.

The second this a parent should do is to contact all the family members and friends. A parent should also consider contacting whoever was related to the child, for example, the child’s doctor, pediatrician, school, and daycare to alert them about the situation.

Thirdly, it is inevitably essential that the left-behind parent seeks legal support with a family attorney or a strong and experienced lawyer.

Following this, a parent can contact official agents and inform them about the child’s personal information. Authority can issue a lookout list in the airports as well as invalidate the passport.

With the provided information, the police force can put a country-wide search force and contact Interpol. The Interpol can notify all the other countries immediately and ask for their aid.

The guidebook also provides steps on how a left-behind parent can file a Hague Convention application, or apply for custody in another country for the child’s safe return.

The guidebook further implies the importance of seeking the assistance of different non-governmental agencies. These organizations work intensely with law enforcement, lawyers, and other stakeholders while providing emotional support and public awareness.

Finally, it is also essential for parents to document all their search efforts. In some cases, the abducted child may be told that the child’s left-behind parent did not want them. When the situation comes, these documents can be a way to assure the child to what extent the left-behind parent went to get his/her beloved child back.


Having no trace of your child, all of a sudden, is one of the hideous feelings of a parent. Child abduction has been a great crime all over the world for decades. Canadian child abduction cases are not unique to the situation as well. To be honest, the number of Canadian child abduction cases are increasing rapidly.

Governments and several agencies are finding it very difficult since the cases are becoming more complicated and challenging every time. However, a single parent can never lose hope, as there are positive results as well. The hope is what can motivate parents, governments, and agencies to continue their search for abducted children so that one day the child can return to its parent’s arms.


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