Are You Charged With Larceny? Get Immediate Release With Bail Bond Agents


It’s horrifying for most to spend even one night behind bars. This is where bail bonds agents can help save you from being stuck in a cell. When you appoint bond dealers, you are supposed to pay only 10% of the entire sum. Your bondsman will submit the rest 90% to the court and get you out of the lock-up. If you or any of your friends are charged with theft, please appoint bail bond agents. As explained by Connecticut bail bonds group, larcenies are considered petty crimes and fall under misdemeanors. When you are convicted of theft, you may run clueless. Let reputed bond agents assist you so that you can get out of the lockup soon. 

What is a bail bond? 

When someone commits a crime, the court arrests the suspect a few days before the court session. As larceny arrest is a minor crime and creates less impact, you can apply for bail. The court then fixes an amount to secure your release. If you listen to the court’s instructions thoroughly, you will get your money back as the case resolves. 

Now the problem is, 90% of the defendants fail to arrange that immense amount instantly. Bail bond agents pay off the sum on your behalf, and the court releases you on bail. Before submitting the money, the bondsman keeps your property as collateral. If you do not comply with the court’s orders, the bond dealer will use your assets to manage the bail amount. 

How Do The Bail Bond Agents Assist You In Difficulty?  

When you are charged with theft or robbery crimes, you come to your wit’s end. Without an in-depth idea of your charges, you cannot even apply for bail properly. Apart from that, it is undoubtedly difficult to scrape together such a considerable sum of money. If you call a reputed bail bond agency, your bond dealer will post the bail on your behalf. Isn’t this great? On the other hand, it becomes challenging for the accused to prepare appropriate documentation due to less knowledge. For this reason, hiring an experienced bond dealer is a wise decision. 

Things to consider before hiring a bail bond dealer 

Do you want the right bail bond agent to rescue the defendant? In that case, it would be wise to consider a few factors before picking the right bond dealer. 

  • A licensed company is important: Always seek bail bonding services from a licensed agency. Make sure that the company is licensed to operate in your state. After that, do not forget to observe the service record history of the bail bond agents. By doing this, you will get a clear idea of their reputation and working style. 
  • How much do they charge? You should always look for bail bond agents with fair rates. Usually, the bond agents claim 10% of the bail amount for state matters and 15% for federal issues. However, contrary to popular belief for some exceptional cases, they charge somewhere between 7% and 16%. In this context, you need to know that a few instances demand the defendant to pay no bail amount for release. 
  • Are they experienced enough? As explained by the Connecticut bail bonds group, experience matters the most. Before you give your word, make sure that your bond dealer is enough experience to deal with your case. Seasoned bond dealers come with in-depth knowledge of the case and apply tricky methods to get you out of prison. Remember, it is your bondsman to arrange the paperwork for you; hence experience is the key. 
  • Pick a transparent bail bondsman: When you are submerged in uncertainty and trying all the possible methods to get your near one out of jail, you may not like to deal with fishy people. Try to talk with transparent bond dealers with no hidden charge and deplorable conditions. Give the word to a bond dealer you can trust. 
  • Do you know any local bail bond agency? You need to hire a bail bond agent from a local agency. Hiring an agency from a remote location will delay the process. Hence, be smart and appoint an experienced bond dealer from a local firm to get your near one out of jail. 

As explained by the Connecticut bail bonds group, whether it is a theft or felony arrest, you can quickly get out of the lock-up with the assistance of reputed bond dealers. All you need to keep calm and take proper steps for the release. The well-known bail-bond agents stay ready to stand by you in difficulty.


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