Best Word Counter for Content Marketing


Have you heard about content marketing? It is one of the most important marketing strategies today used by companies worldwide. It is defined as creating valuable and relevant content to attract a target audience using products as topics or focus.

Content marketing comes in different forms, such as infographics, podcasts, webpages, videos, books, and more, informing people about the latest trends. Thus, social media platforms are also used in this marketing strategy. With the limited texts we can use on Twitter and Instagram, it’s better to have a tool to keep you within limits.

Word Count Tool

The internet has a lot of character counting tools that you can use for free. One of the best tools is the Word Count Tool. The website has a minimalist feel to it, and you can see all the word count and character count of your content in real-time.

If you are a content marketer and want to create content that can be used in all social media platforms, this is the right tool for you. It has a counter for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and they are all shown. So once you start typing your content on the box, you can immediately if it’s a perfect fit for all social media platforms.

Aside from that, you wouldn’t have to worry about receding several drafts and rechecking your word count from time to time since it has a share button to send your drafts on the tool in an instant. Moreover, it’s simple design makes it easier for users to navigate the site, and there are no issues with the loading time.

Character Count Tool – Character Counter

Another preferred word counter tool online is the Character Count Tool – Character Counter. It provides extensive statistics about the word count, character count, and the number of characters without spaces.

This word counter tool also provides the number of sentences, paragraphs, and the average sentence length of your content in real-time. To avoid redundancy, the Character Count Tool – Character Counter shows you the words most used in your text, as well as the percentage of each word usage. The Character Count Tool is definitely the perfect tool for writers!

Another great feature of this tool is that you can access it in web browsers used by many laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices today, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.  It also has a Readability Level checker using the Dale-Chall formula.

Word Counter Tool

If you’re looking for a word counter tool that goes the extra mile, you should use the WordCounter Tool. It counts your characters and words from your written text and tells you your typing speed. You can either type your content on the text box to determine your speed or just paste your draft.

The WordCounter Tool is also a perfect tool for your essays and content for your marketing strategies. If you’re working on multiple contents, you can just save your current text and continue working on another one.  You can check your saved drafts in the “Clear Saved” button.

For content marketing, you can use this tool to optimize your SEO efforts. Users can also change the written texts’ case without copying and pasting it to a Microsoft Word or Google Docs.


The creators of this word counting tool have put effort into their website’s interface. Unlike other tools with boring design, this tool has a modern feel to it. Its tools and features are in the form of buttons, which are well-placed just above the text box.

Writers will definitely love this word count tool. Like Grammarly, Word Counter will count your words and characters and detect grammar misses and plagiarism. You can either write on the text box or just paste your drafts. It also has an auto-save feature, so you will never lose your written text.

Word Counter also has a reading level indicator to ensure your content is understandable to your target readers. There’s more. It can also tell you the keyword density and the top 10 keywords in your content! It has almost everything we need in word counter tools.

Rewriter Tools

The word counter tool from this website provides us the number of words and characters in our paragraphs. It is simple to use. Users can just paste the text and then click the “Count Words” button found below the text box.

What is so great about this tool? You must be wondering why this made it to the list of the best word counting tools online. Well, aside from giving you the right statistics, the site has many writing tools that writers can use for all types of writing activities.

It is perfect for article spinning, especially if you’re working in a pinch and with several writing deadlines on the way. It has an article rewriter tool and essay rewriter tool that works wonders, giving you more time to do other marketing tasks.

Letter Count

This word counter is one of the best and reliable tools in 2020. Like any other word counting tool, it accurately counts the letters and words in any text. It is a helpful tool for your posts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

It has a detailed explanation of the character count needed for each social media platform and word count jokes for the day. This word counter is also available in many languages worldwide, perfect for your translated content! You can write or paste your content on the text box and press the “Count Characters” button.

Most of the tools mentioned previously give users the best experience for their simple yet modern design. However, this tool is packed with facts about word count. Moreover, it does not show you the statistics in real-time, similar to the Rewriter tool.

Take Away

Creating marketing content for your social media and blogs can be complicated, especially with the character and word limitations. Say “goodbye” to manual counting and inaccurate counting from document software. With the use of the above word counting tools, it will surely make any content marketer efficient and better!


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