Innovation & Longevity: Top Technologies That Have Stood The Test of Time


Many people fear change or simply don’t like it, but the truth of the matter is that “the only constant in life is change,” as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated. Innovation is a perfect example of change, especially in terms of technology. Whether you realize it or not, innovations are some of the best things that have happened to society. And while “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” still has relevance today, emerging technologies are very important to bringing about growth.

True enough, certain changes and innovations are great, but they can also be frustrating too. For instance, take the Apple iPhone. Isn’t it frustrating sometimes how you might buy the newest iPhone, and then a year or so later, they’ve come out with an even newer and better version? It’s frustrating, yet, the only constant is change. But despite your frustrations, you’ll be pleased to know that there are indeed some “classic” innovations that have been around and are here to stay.

Some of these items you may or may not know still exist and are still relevant today; Others, you will recognize and appreciate its longevity to remain useful, effective, and adaptable to stick around in this digital age despite its humble beginnings. Take a look at some of today’s top technologies that started way back when.


Long before Facebook, Instagram, and blogs came to be, there was Usenet, the other internet. Usenet is an online communication platform similar to that of message boards or forums. It’s broken down into different categories of discussion called newsgroups, which allow you to communicate and interact with people across the globe on a network of servers. 

In addition to giving you access to loads of content, it also allows you to chat and download binary files that you can also share. It’s much safer than other internet services and gives you unrestricted access to downloads and fast speeds. To effectively access and browse Usenet, you simply need a premium service provider (there are free providers but you want to steer clear of them as they’re of poor quality with very limited access).

Usenet is still alive and relevant to this very day with no signs of it going anywhere.

The Wristwatch

The evolution of the wristwatch can date back as far as sundials and compasses to pocket watches. There’s speculation about when the first wristwatch came into existence but it wasn’t until World War I that the pocket watch moved to the wrist with straps attached. Unlike wearing it on the top of our wrists today, soldiers in WWI wore their wristwatches on the inside of their wrists as that location made it easier to look at, especially for pilots when their hands were on the steering wheel. 

Today, not only has the wristwatch stood the test of time as a timepiece but it’s been revolutionized as a fashion statement as well as a mobile device with abilities to track your footsteps, heart rate, and communication device.

The Fax Machine

With email, the cloud, shredders, and other office equipment, some people would say that there’s no room for the fax machine with all the technology of today… Naysayers couldn’t be more wrong. 

Yes, fax machines may have revolutionized the office environment in the ‘80s but fax machines are indeed one of the most important office tools you can have whether you work from home or in an office building.

So why the fax machine?

Because of signatures. Despite many businesses being accepting of signed contracts through email to be legally binding, there are still lots of businesses that will not accept signed contracts emailed in PDF format, and fax machines remedy that issue.

There are many other forms of technology that did not make this list but are still very relevant pieces of technology that are used today. Everything from the vacuum cleaners and gaming systems to cameras and dishwashing machines, certain things only get better with time, and it’s the innovations behind these technologies that have made life much easier for many people.


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