Comparison Between Wired CCTV & Wireless Security Cameras

Wired CCTV vs Wireless Security Cameras
Wired CCTV vs Wireless Security Cameras

Wired CCTV security cameras and wireless battery powered security cameras are the only known types to a common man. Here in this article we will look deep into the distinct and salient features of both these types.

Having a security camera for your home or office security is a big deal. Most of the times we are unable to look after our belongings in an efficient way.

Using technology for security purposes is the only way left when you can not afford a guard. In market there are number of security cameras available. Each of them is unique in terms of efficiency, potential, working capacity and reliability.

Whatever type you buy there will be a certain need of carrying out an inspection of your place and the needs of security.

After you have done your need analysis you can buy any kind of security camera which will be best for fulfilling those needs.

Wired security camera systems

The Wired security cameras are dependent on wired connections for power and ethernet supply. They are huge systems.

CCTV systems are for big set ups. Most of the them are with more than a single channel. You need a number of tools for setting them up.

  • Power supply

Wired security cameras work with as your electric bulbs work. These are basically electric cameras which require a continuous supply of electricity.

The moment there will be an electricity outage the cameras would stop working. You might need a backup source. You can opt for UPS and generators.

CCTV cameras require high potential electricity. These cameras might cause an increase in your electricity bills.

  • Can be vandalized

Wired security cameras can be vandalized. The wires are always in reach of some rodents. So, if for instance you have got a wired security camera for outdoor surveillance. The n there will be a high chance that they can be cut off by squirrels and other animals as well.

  • Reliable storage

Wired security cameras rely on digital video recorders for storing the data. These systems are the most reliable ones. They are with larger storage spaces.

Another thing that makes them reliable the risk of hacking. Hack free security systems are best for museums, offices and shops. The problem would be with the power supply. Without continuous power supply the DVRs would not record a single clip.

  • Remote access in wired security camera

Most of the wired security cameras are not with remote access. They do have applications which can be installed in your smart phones but these applications are not for full control.

You will need a monitor and computer for complete customization.

Installation of wired CCTV camera system

Installation requires a lot of tools. In case you do not know the basics of electricity and your were a weak science student then installing a wired CCTV camera is not for you. This means that you will have to pay the technician as well.

Also, there is another good advantage in the category of wired security cameras is that among this category, are the security camera systems that can work even without Wi-Fi or even internet. Like the cellular security cameras and some PoE cameras and some other types that have been deeply explained by Dk Security regarding all of the necessaries and to consider things.

Wireless security camera systems

  • Installation of wireless security cameras

These cameras do not need wires. This is why installing them can be an easy task. If you know how to use your mobile phone you can easily set up the wire free security cameras.

  • Power supply of wireless security camera

The powers supply are the batteries. These batteries have to be reliable with longer battery life. The only benefit regarding power will be the uninterrupted supply of electricity. No worries if there will be no power.

If you are not sure about the power supply of your area. Or there are issues because of  unpredictable weather conditions then battery powered wireless security cameras are for you.

  • Immune to vandalization

As these cameras does not have any wires with them thus there will be a minimum risk of vandalization. Battery powered security cameras can be the hidden security camera as well.

When there will be no wires the thieves would not be able to detect the presence of a security camera. unlike wired security cameras intruders can never cut the connection.

  • Storage in wireless surveillance system cameras

The storage will be through local SD cards. The size and capacity of a SD card will vary. The companies describe how much storage can a product have. 

Local Sd card storage can be limited but most of the companies come up with an option of unlimited cloud storage.

Cloud storages can be a bit risky if the data is not secured and encrypted. in case you have not set the interface in a unique pattern then your data can be hacked easily.

  • Remote access

Battery powered security cameras can be controlled through mobile applications. The two way audio system, night vision and motion detection features can be controlled form anywhere in the world.

This remote access has made these cameras most desirable and preferable in terms of outdoor and indoor security. You can have notification alerts and watch real time videos any time.


CCTV security cameras and wireless security cameras are both made for a same purpose. The ways for a reliable security are different.

The effectiveness and efficiency factor of these cameras depend upon the way of usage. If you are not aware about the proper way of installing and using a wired/wireless security camera you will never be able to get the full advantage.


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