CBD Oil Products for Pets: Dosage and Usage


Within the bodies of our beloved pets run a system known as the endocannabinoid system or ECS. In the early 1990s, it has actually been discovered that both humans and some animals have this system running through their bodies and that it has a great influence on many functions. 

Animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses have been identified as other mammals who share this same system with us. What does this mean, though? Well, the ECS is a complex system that regulates many different functions within our bodies. 

Receptors, found within the ECS, connects to cannabinoids (a compound found in the hemp and marijuana plant). Once connected it sends out a response that restores many different functions in our bodies. Watch this video for more information on how it works. 

To treat many different symptoms, more healthcare practitioners are recommending cannabinoid products as a natural alternative to chemically-induced medication.Not only for us humans, but for our beloved four-legged friends too. 

If you are considering a few CBD oil products for your pet, then see below guidelines to dosage and usage. 


The first question that might come to mind is, ‘When should I give my pet a CBD oil product?’. 

In any of the following cases, you can consider starting your pet on a CBD tincture, treat, or edible: 

  • When they are experiencing pain from arthritis or an injury
  • To help relief symptoms from severe inflammation
  • To treat severe symptoms of epilepsy as it helps control spasms, seizures, tics, and tremors
  • When your pet is experiencing stress, depression, or anxiety for whatever reason
  • To slow down the growth of a malignant tumor
  • When your four-legged friend has acute nausea or is vomiting
  • For overall health in your pet’s body to reach homeostasis

You can choose between different cannabinoid products ranging from treats and capsules to tinctures and oils. Luckily, most treats are made tasting delicious in many different yummy flavors. 


Dosage will depend on the size of your cat or dog. Bigger dogs will most definitely need a higher dose compared to smaller lapdogs. Another factor to consider is the breed and also the type of animal. Recently, more products have surfaced that can be taken by horses as well. To ensure you are following the right dosage, you should consult your vet first. 

Typically, dosage guidelines for CBD oil products are usually 2-4 drops taken daily at least 2 times, but also as much as 4 times. 

Small dogs under 20 pounds should take 1 drop 2-4 times per day. Each drop should contain a maximum of 0.5 milligrams of CBD. Medium-sized dogs that weigh between 20-60 pounds should take 2 drops 2-4 times a day. Each drop should contain a maximum of 1 milligram. 

Larger dogs that weigh more than 60 pounds can take 2-4 drops of 1 milligram about 2-4 times per day. 

As a rule, a regular dose is 0.25 milligrams per 1 pound of body weight. So, a dog that weighs 60 pounds will consume a maximum of 15 milligrams per day compared to a 10 pounds dog who will consume a maximum of 2.5 milligrams per day. 

Find some of the most popular CBD oil products on the market, as well as dosage guidelines here: https://www.holistapet.com/product-category/all-cbd-products/page/2/.

It’s important to mention that CBD products shouldn’t be confused with cannabis or weed. The biggest difference is that pure CBD products don’t have any THC compounds within its composition. THC is the compound, also found in cannabis and weed plants, that has a psychoactive effect on people; also referred to as being ‘high’. 

No pet should ever inhale smoke from a marijuana or cannabis blunt or eat any edibles that has THC in it. It can cause severe toxicity and discomfort to your pet. 

The best way to ensure that your pet is getting the best cannabinoid products that don’t have any levels of THC in it, is to buy it from a credible online dispensary or vet. Always make sure that you follow recommended dosage guidelines and usage to promote a healthy and stable life for your pet going forward. 


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