Car Accident with No Injury, Can You Claim Any Compensation?

Car Accident Law
Car Accident Law

Cars collide, and you are involved in a severe car accident. As a result, your vehicle is shattered, but you soon find out that there is no serious injury. Such a confusing situation, can you claim car accident compensation with no injury? The answer is yes, you can. No injury car accident compensation is a real thing, and you can expect to get compensation rewards.

Finding Fault in a No Injury Car Accident and Claiming Compensation

The first step after a no injury car accident would be to finding the person or party at fault. It is the party who is responsible for paying for your damage through an insurance policy.

Two entities can help in finding at-fault in a no-injury car accident. Again, the police can find evidence to prove which party is at fault, and you can even claim compensation from multiple defendants.

The party responsible for the car accident is accountable and will affect how much compensation you will get. For example, if the driver is not backed by auto insurance, you will have to reach out to your auto insurance for damage coverage. No injury car accident compensation is usually an amount near 30,000 CAD per accident.

Types of No Injury Car Accident Compensation

Once you are clear that you can claim compensation, it is essential to understand what kind of claim you can expect.

Understandably, you cannot expect to get compensation like a personal injury from a car accident case. Cases that are usually backed up by medical bills, injury reports, income loss, mental health deterioration, and so on. It is not the same condition in a no injury car accident compensation.

For a no injury car accident, you can only expect compensation for damage and accident-related cost recovery. You cannot claim a monetary amount for pain or sufferings from mental anguish. Any psychological damage is not considered as a no-injury compensation claim.

Overview of the Process of a No Injury Car Accident Compensation

Consider yourself lucky if you get out of a car accident unharmed physically and mentally. However, you will still need to take legal actions to claim compensation from the accident.

The first step is to notify the insurance company of both parties. The insurance company of the at-fault party will send insurance adjuster and ask you to give an estimation of the repairing cost of your car. It is advised to provide an adequately calculated amount with Original Equipment Manufactured (OMP) parts.

Now, two things can happen here. Either the insurance company can accept your damage repair claim or refuse it by determining your car to be totalled. If the insurance company finds out that your estimated repairing cost is 75% or more than the actual value of the vehicle, the company will declare your car as totalled by providing a check for the value of the car.

The other possibility is that the opposing insurance company eventually accepts your compensation claim outside the court, and you do not have to file a lawsuit against the accused. Usually, no injury claim is conducted and ended outside of the courtroom.

Assigning Value to Your No Injury Car Accident

The best way to evaluate your compensation claim is by a professional auto mechanic. The repairer will give you the proper cost calculation, and you can claim compensation with that bill from the insurance company.

If you are bound to use another rental car for your everyday transportation while your car is at the repair shop, you can include that cost as well in your car accident compensation.

Do You Need an Attorney?

No injury car accident claims can be quite simple and straight forward in most cases. The overall process goes smoothly and does not require any particular legal activity.

However, it is recommended to claim support of your lawyer as a lawyer would be able to oversee the compensation claim thoroughly and with authority.

Besides, insurance companies may want to show a lesser amount for your estimated repairing cost and sometimes may even deny the whole amount by totalling your car. Lawyers can help you fight this situation with ease.


While no injury car accident compensation can be quite a unique scenario, a victim can be compensated thousands of dollars if they can maximize the opportunity. It is your legal right to claim compensation in any car accident situation despite injury or no injury.


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