Things to consider when buying collectible wines online

buy wine online free delivery
buy wine online free delivery

For you wine lovers, I have just the thing for you, how do you know the best way to buy collectible wines online. Here are five tips on how to do so.

  1. Buy big brands, and smaller ones you like

Out of the sea of mass winemakers, only a handful can actually be considered true wine brewers, that produce the best and quality brew. A real classy bottle of wine starts at around $180-$250 for each bottle. Buy wines from the big guys, the giants of the industry that have made a name for themselves, but don’t forget the little guy as well. Wine is an adventure; it gets boring if you stick to one particular big brand because you’re too scared to explore other brands.

2.   Buy from recognized places.

Businesses with a good rep and great ratings should be the only source of your wine purchases, especially for rare and fine wines. The Internet offers different sites that can help you find different retailers who offer the best deals for the best wines. Though auctions are a great way to find that beautiful vintage, always remember that auctions will charge you up to 25% more on each bird in the other to make a profit. Buy from recognized businesses to get the best quality for the best price.

3.   Three-tiered Cellar

As a wine enthusiast. If you are drinking wine and also plan on selling for a profit, you should probably try the three-tiered system.

·         1st Tier: Simple wines that you drink constantly. Cheaper and simpler wines for daily consumption.

·         2nd Tier: Wines that could become more valuable with time but aren’t so expensive for you not to pop a Cork once in a while.

·         3rd Tier: Wines that basically appreciate with time, these are kept separately of the future, either to be sold or drunk.

  1. Purchase wine in cases

Three, four, six, or twelve bottles per case, depending on your preference, this should be how you buy wines. The bottles should be left in their cases. It’s also a good idea to buy one or two, so you can have your own feelings about the wine while the age of the remaining bottle. This also adds value to the brew, a lot of re-buyers like to have the cases in their original package. If you do eventually do this, I suggest that you understand the drinking window for each type of wine you buy, just in case you want to sell or drink, so you can the best of its value at the right time.

5.   Understand wine Futures

Futures define wines that have been harvested and left to age and then kept for at least two years while the experts let buyers know that said batch will not be sold for two years or so. Buying wine in this manner requires a level of dedication, research, and understanding of pure vintage.

To conclude, buying wine online may seem risky but with enough knowledge and research, it is possible to get things done adequately without losing any money.


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