Where To Buy The Best Oxygen Cylinder in BD

Buy the Best Oxygen Cylinder in BD
Buy the Best Oxygen Cylinder in BD

Looking for the best oxygen cylinder in bd? 

This crucial item is now available in many shops in Bangladesh. Oxygen cylinder is a life-saving product. Oxygen is supplied under the NHS in oxygen cylinders. Many doctors prescribe oxygen therapy for many purposes. Usually, hospitals use it. However, oxygen cylinders are used in many other places for various purposes besides hospitals. 

Nowadays portable oxygen cylinders are becoming popular for long-term oxygen therapy. In that context, several companies in Bangladesh are producing and supplying oxygen cylinders. 

From where to buy the best oxygen cylinder in BD? – This question is almost heard. So in today’s article, I will give a list of some reliable and trusted shops. But first, let’s find out why and how to use an oxygen cylinder.

Usage of Oxygen Cylinder

Although the oxygen cylinder is a life-saving thing, there are rules for its use. Let’s find out the usage of oxygen cylinder:

  • Doctors prescribe oxygen cylinder oxygen intermittently to aid of symptoms. Usually in hospitals, they use it for long term domiciliary oxygen therapy (LTOT). 
  • Sometimes oxygen is an advanced first aid. Doctors treat oxygen for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) patients, chest pain patients, Post-Cardiac Resuscitation Patients, Stroke Casualties, Trauma Casualties, Current Protocols.
  • Industries use oxygen cylinders for manufacturing purposes. They use it in Steel and monel manufacturing.
  • Climbers use this cylinder during mountaineering. Because in higher places, oxygen is less than 21% in the air (normal concentration).
  • Athletes use oxygen cylinders to dispatch recovery after exertion.
  • Mineral water, fabrication works, and other industrial activities need oxygen cylinders.
  • People use oxygen cylinders for welding, deep-sea diving, food preservation as well.


Some companies impose certain conditions for the sale of oxygen cylinders. Because even though it is a life-saving substance, it is a dangerous substance. Here is what you need to provide to buy an oxygen cylinder:

  • Prescription for a registered physician stating that you need an oxygen cylinder.
  • Copy of your birth registration / voter ID card / passport / driving license.

However, some of them may sell you without them.

Where to buy the best oxygen cylinder in BD 

The Linde Group

They mainly supply medical oxygen. It’s easy to use and in cylinder form. One can buy it or use it in a rental form. It’s available in their Tejgaon Sales Centre.

Product Details:  

Capacity: 1.4 cubic meter

Price: (For buying)  26,522.00 BDT (including 15% VAT)

Timely Product Ltd Bangladesh

Timely Product Limited Bangladesh supplies medical oxygen cylinders. The price is a bit high because they provide the best oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. The oxygen cylinder is of high quality and with some exclusive features. 

  • Inbuilt Alarm: Their cylinder has in-built alarms that enable them to be careful about the patient’s oxygen supply. 
  • No Noise problem: It’s low noisy and comfortable for patients.
  • Multiple Users: They have increased the usability of the product in a special way. It has multiple user options. So it can be used for multiple patients at the same time. 
  • Humidity: They maintain the quality and 80% relative humidity. 
  • Long Time Usability: They have improved longevity.  For which it can be used longer than other companies’ cylinders.
  • Flow rate: The flow rate is adjustable. So you can increase or decrease according to your need.
  • Supply all over Bangladesh: Their service is now on your doorstep. You can order it from anywhere in Bangladesh.        

Product Details: 

Capacity: 5 liter

Price: 15,000 to 26,000 BDT (Including vat)


Evely is one of the online shops in Bangladesh. They basically supply the Linde group’s oxygen cylinder. You can make a quick request to them for any emergency.

Product details: 

Capacity: 1.4 cubic meter

Price: 30,000 (Including vat)

Oxygen Cylinder Home Service BD

They provide Medical Oxygen Cylinder for rent and sale. Here you can find emergency oxygen cylinders for patients as well. You will also get refill support from them within 2 hrs. They supply oxygen cylinders according to the doctor’s prescription.       

Product details:

Capacity:1.4 cubic meter

Price: 21000 BDT (Including vat)     

Sheba Agency

They supply Oxygen cylinders in Dhaka city. They have not started supplying in all over Bangladesh. But in Dhaka city, they supply within one hour.

Product Details: 

Capacity: 2 liter

Price: 18900 BDT (Including vat)

Islam oxygen Limited

They supply oxygen for medical, industrial, laboratory purposes. They provide medical oxygen to treat Respiratory distress syndrome, Resuscitation, life support, aviation, carbon monoxide poisoning, Anesthesia, hypoxia, and hypoxemia. They deliver all over Bangladesh. 

Product Details:

Capacity: 5 liter

Price: 24,000 BDT (Including vat) 

Disclaimer & Warning

Oxygen can save a life. Oxygen can also lead to death. How? Without accurate handling, storing, transporting, and using, it can cause disastrous effects. Oxygen is a highly reactive substance. So it causes fire exploration. Oxygen leaking, using unusual pots, incorrect operations are the reason behind exploration. Without a doctor’s prescription, it is totally a terrible idea to use an oxygen cylinder.  Because the inaccurate concentration of oxygen can lead to the death of a patient. Oxygen cylinders have to handle, store, transport and use carefully. Without the consultation of experts, we should not use oxygen cylinders, anyway. Moreover, the sale of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh without the advice of a doctor is completely prohibited by law.

End note

In this coronavirus situation, many companies have paused their services. The quality of service has declined as many workers have been infected with the coronavirus. The delivery process has also become slow. Moreover, there is not enough supply as per the demand. But all these shops in Bangladesh are trying to give you the maximum service. Finally, we need to ensure the safety of the use of oxygen cylinders.


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