How a Diamond Manufacturer Incorporated Technology For Providing Best Natural Diamonds in Affordable Prices.

Hitesh Patel - RRP Diamond
Hitesh Patel - RRP Diamond

We all know how it is believed that diamonds represent a symbol of prestige, power, and wealth. Moreover, diamonds do enhance women’s beauty and help in bringing out the best features for the right occasion. 

Some of us like big, bold, and dazzling diamonds, and some like small melee diamonds, elegant yet minimal looks. What major hurdle we face is to find good quality and get pure diamond jewelry which fits our budget. 

Remember when last time you had to compromise on the quality of the favorite diamond jewelry due to over the head high prices or let me make it simple for you to remember how often you have to miss your favorite diamond pieces due to the high cost? Quite often, I would say. Another major issue lies in the lack of knowledge in the customers about identifying purity and quality of diamond pieces because merchants usually take advantage of the customers and charge hefty sums from them for low-quality diamonds. 

This issue was observed and analyzed by RRP Diamond; a Surat based diamond manufacturer founded in the year 1964. The Business addressed the situation by providing the best quality and pure natural diamond at affordable prices. Intending to ensure transparency in the business, RRP Diamond provides high quality diamonds directly to the end customer, where no middlemen is involved during the whole process.

Are RRP Diamond the Next Big Thing in the Diamond Market? Why Are They So Affordable? How Did the Journey Start? Why Should You Choose RRP Diamond?

55 years back, RRP Diamond established their diamond manufacturing unit in Surat, Gujarat, India. A Family Business started and established by Ramesh Bhai Ravjibhai Dobariya & Jaysukhbhai Dobariya grew with the intention of providing high quality and affordable diamonds to the end customer. Before it all got famous, RRP Diamond only focused on selling diamonds the traditional way which is through the local market. A 100-man business unit always focused on growing big, not just economically but living to the expectations of the end customer. 

Deals in majorly all kinds of diamonds, RRP Diamond has a variety of beautiful cuts to choose from. Starting from rough diamond, color diamond, to an entire big range of diamond jewelry, they deal in everything. Wishing to conquer the entire wholesale loose diamond market, they proudly invite customers to purchase from them at the most affordable rate.

Back then, the unit only traded through the local market with no digital branding or marketing for the business whatsoever. So, how did it all happen? What awakened the business and what’ the story behind the global yet digital success.

The Quality is Everything

Journey from Retail to Digital

Ramesh Bhai’s son Hitesh Patel is the man behind the RRP Diamond digital and global success. Hitesh, unlike his father and uncle, was not into the family diamond business and spent most of his time studying to become an IT professional. Never did he pay much attention to diamond business, it was when he realized having no heir to his family legacy. He spent a lot of time with his employees, trying to understand the business. Much did he try; it was hard for him to focus. He started spending more time online for research.

He studied everything about diamond manufacturing, the selling, how to sell on ecommerce and how to combine the online selling platform with his family business. This led to the birth of RRP Diamond on digital media. Very soon, he came across a lot of things which helped him create a base for one of successful diamond business ventures. Hitesh realized a lot of margins results in a bomb end value price for the customer. He focused on the quality of diamonds being traded and hence valued in his plan too.

So, what was the solution then?

Hitesh decided to work on the things he analyzed about his business and hence he launched his business website ( Hitesh along with his college mates, Prashant & Dharmesh, the latter being a successful established digital marketer, worked actively together on how to upscale the business through the website and selling products digitally through ecommerce platforms. Months later, they established a B2B store for selling his diamond items that were manufactured in his Surat based factory.

Considering it was just the starting, he aimed at selling maximum 3 products through his store and garnered 5 customers within the very first year and with over 350+ international customers from USA, Europe & China, the next year of establishment. 

Since Hitesh always wanted to provide the best quality diamonds to his customers and the most affordable price, his ecommerce business paved the way to another major achievement for him with the sale of $2 million within the single year of establishing the store. He believes the success to his store is due to the fact of no middleman involved in the business. Direct sale to the end customer ensuring best and top-notch diamond jewelry and pieces.

Over a few years, Hitesh’s love for IT turned into a profession, and this led to the birth of RRP Diamond digital presence. RRP Diamond was launched to foray into the digital space by bringing up a B2B platform and to reach out to the customers who love buying diamonds at the most affordable price. 

Regarding experience, RRP Diamond has been consistently working and perfecting the art of diamond. With vast experience and expertise in the diamond manufacturing segment they have mastered the art. The company produces over 75000 diamonds a month with over 5000 carats of diamonds polished and shaped.

With an underlying philosophy of 3P’s – Pure, Polished & Perfect, RRP Diamond envisions to be the leading and most trusted diamond manufacturer and wholesaler globally. The success mantra throughout the journey so far has been the competitive and affordable pricing yet the best quality promised without fail.

RRP Diamond – Diamond Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Initially, when the business started reaching globally and garnered 400 international customers within the 1st year itself, a lot of these customers were diamond manufacturers and wholesalers who even visited Surat’s manufacturing unit of RRP Diamond. Now the company has established an office in New York, United States.

With the exposure thus attained over the years, RRP Diamond is not only just a manufacturer of best quality natural diamonds but also a wholesaler and exporter with the most competitive pricing offered in the market. They produce over 75000 diamonds in a month and proudly invite customers to buy diamonds from them at the wholesale price. They have everything we need for a beautiful jewelry piece.

RRP Diamond

The company deals in all sets and types of GIA certified diamonds – Melee Diamonds, Rough Diamonds, Loose Diamonds, White Diamonds, Fancy Shape Black Diamonds, Colour Diamonds, Diamond Beads, Rose Cut Diamonds & Many More!

How Does the Road Ahead Look?

RRP Diamond aims for global success with more 4000+ new customers. Visions to increase the revenue and reach out to everyone possible who ever thought the buying best quality diamond is heavy on their pocket


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