4 Ways to Improve Your Business Communication Channels


There are many different components required when running a successful b2b marknadsföring. You need to have the right products and services. You require a well-planned budget and cash flow. You have to use effective marketing techniques.

Another essential element is keeping your customers happy.

While this is massively helped by offering high-quality goods and services, you should never ignore the need for consumers to get in touch with your business – and for you to contact them. This could be the difference between securing much-needed sales to missing out.

Simply having an email address and contact form isn’t enough these days, either. To improve the communication channels for your business, here are four methods you need to consider:

1. Use an 800 number

If you think that communicating via phone calls is outdated, think again. Customers still prefer phoning a business instead of other options, so you must offer this form of communication.

However, you shouldn’t only offer a standard phone number. You should go that extra step with an 800 number. By utilizing a service like Kall8, for instance, you can even use your 800 number to enhance marketing campaigns, track the effectiveness of these campaigns, and build up your business brand.

2. Stay active on social media

A modern business needs to have social media channels set up. However, you cannot simply use the likes of Twitter and Facebook to post updates about your business. People will send inquiries to you through these social media profiles, and you mustn’t ignore them. Have notifications on your social media, and make sure to reply ASAP to any customer questions – leave it too long, and they’ll lose interest fast.

3. Automate email campaigns

Emails are a great way to advertise your business to targeted customers. Yet these need to be customized for the best results, and trying to do this for each individual person is way too time-consuming.

The good news is that, with an effective CMS platform, you can create automated email campaigns. These can include individual customer details to ensure they’re customized, and you can even track the success of the campaign by seeing how many people read the email and take action.

4. Add a chatbot to your website

One of the fastest-growing trends in business communication is with the use of live chat. This is usually represented with a small yet permanent communication box at the bottom-right of a website, giving visitors a quick and easy way to get in touch with a business.

Employees can run this live chat. Yet for most businesses, it’s not viable – from both a finances and resources point of view – to have staff members operating this aspect. That’s why certain companies opt against the feature.

However, the rise in chatbot technology has made it much more viable for businesses to automate their live chat. The chatbot can react to messages sent by customers and then reply with answers instantly. It also has the added benefit of always being available 24/7.


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