An effective treatment plan for your pain from Boca Chiropractor


Wellness therapies have made inroads into today’s holistic living approach in the wake of recent times. As we are inching closer to unwanted pain anytime, it is safe to say that pain is not age-specific. People of various ages are suffering from joint pain or lower back pain. Mapping its way into our lives, chiropractic has become a more conceivable trend for the sake of pain riddance. Boca Chiropractor has the sole purpose of helping everybody remediate the menace of excruciating pain.

Your next destination is us:

At Physical Evidence Chiropractic, every Boca Chiropractor puts your wellness first. To reduce your pain and ailments, we incorporate the best holistic wellness treatment plans. We seek any possible alternative medical strategy to help you maintain optimal health. Our team is experienced, licensed, and dedicated and to take you to your wellness goals. Our personalized treatment plans are proven effective to help alleviate your ailment using the least invasive techniques.

  • We have anchored more than 30 years of overall experience.
  • Highly trained chiropractors serve you with the best at their disposal.
  • We are competent in treating conditions like pain in the hip, back, neck, elbows, knee, wrist, shoulder, headaches, and TMJ disorder.

Chose your service:

Every Boca Chiropractor takes up every patient as their own family. As we have experienced pain, we aim at helping you keep the excruciating discomfort of pain at bay.

You can choose from the following services:

  • Chiropractic services including inversion therapy, integrated therapies, Myofascial Release, pregnancy chiropractic, impulse GT device, and many more
  • Red light therapy
  • CryoSkin
  • Cryotherapy
  • Auto accident chiropractic

How do we help alleviate your pain?

Under our roof, a Boca Chiropractor will treat you with excellent pain-alleviating therapies. With patience, care, and experience, our chiropractors can lead you to a pain-free life. We keep our focus oriented towards giving you an organized yet flexible treatment plan. First-time patients have to fill in a form first and then make an appointment with the best chiropractors.

The steps leading to your wellness:

  1. Consultation: when you connect with our chiropractor, we will together identify your trouble areas.
  2. Information gathering: we make sure to gather all relevant information about any previous illness to identify your pain’s origin.
  3. Diagnosis: a few tests will be run to diagnose your ailment entirely.
  4. Same-day treatment: After a careful analysis of the test reports, we will devise the most effective treatment plan for you- the same day itself. We do not have you waiting on us with your annoying pain! Our treatment plans include spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercise, and physiotherapy.
  5. Home treatment plans: a few sets of instructions will be given to you to follow at home for comprehensive treatment. With strict avoidance of particular positions or activities, application of heat or ice, and indeed easy home exercises, your treatment will have a more profound impact.

To follow up on the condition, we will schedule appointments to keep a close tab on your improvements.

A few basics for you to know:

We can say that chiropractic is a messiah for us to get rid of our pain. If you have been suffering from excruciating pain, then a chiropractor’s clinic is your next stop.

  • Chiropractic is an excellent by-lane for you to avoid the traditional healing process, including surgeries and truckloads of medication.
  • This is a form of alternative medicine and a wellness treatment program, both in one that focuses on reducing pain and enhancing a troubled patient’s mobility.
  • Professional practicing chiropractic is known as a chiropractor.
  • The professional treats you with manual manipulation and adjustment of the spinal cord, along with therapies and exercises. Though the process uses a great lot of spine snapping, interestingly, the treatment plan is pain-free.
  • A chiropractor is likely to reduce pressure on sensitive neurological tissue and repair the spine’s structural integrity.

Why visit us?

  • We act fast on your condition.
  • Our diagnosis is bang on point.
  •  You can avail of same-day treatment.
  • We are affordable.
  • Our friendly customer service has brought back many previous patients.
  • We use non-invasive, non-surgical procedures.
  • Little to no medication is advised.
  • We follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

A great solution for pain riddance:

Well, chiropractic LESSENS your pain!!! What else is more joyous than having a pain free life? With Boca Chiropractor, you can have enhanced mobility, better blood circulation, and better nerve system functionality. All these come without you climbing on the operation table and gulping those medicinal tablets! But, not only a tremendous pain relief tool but a chiropractor can help you improve sleep quality and immunity and reduce anxiety and stress. 


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