How People Are Using Technology To Bet Online


    Betting has been around for as long as people can remember and India is no stranger to it either. In fact, there are a number of gambling games that have originated in the country and then become popular around the world, like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Right now, though, thanks to a largely outdated Public Gambling Act of 1867, gambling in India is illegal.

    This is why people are using technology to move their betting and gambling activity online.

    The biggest problem for Indians used to be finding easy deposit methods in India. Now though, the 4G revolution and the spread of formal banking to the rural parts of India, has allowed more and more people to start playing at websites around the world.

    Technology and Betting: A Close Relationship

    You may think of some dangerous looking people accepting bets, shady phone calls, epic win and goons being involved in betting but that is no longer true. Technology has made all of these things obsolete. 

    You now have world-class apps from platforms such as 10Cric, Betway, and Casumo right on your phones which allow you to play any casino game that you would like, or bet on any sport that is being played around the world.

    Another thing that has become available due to technology is live betting, which gives you the opportunity to place a bet in a game even after it has started. This means that you can actually see how good the teams are playing before you decide which team to bet on, although the odds might get lower if a team is playing better than expected. Obviously you also get updates on big and small events from the game a lot faster than before, and some of the bookmakers even offer live streaming of games on their different platforms!

    All of this power right at your fingertips is not rare. The cost of extremely capable smartphones has become so low that people from every strata of society are able to access them. Most people always have their phone with them, and that gives you a very easy access to betting – anywhere and anytime.

    Then, inclusive banking measures like UPI, free bank accounts, and discouraging the use of black money has added more people to the formal banking sector. These methods are not the best to use if you want to gamble or bet online from India though. The Indian banks apply some restrictions on their cards which prevents them from being used on sites that are labelled as gambling sites.  

    The rise of technology companies like Neteller, Skrill, Astropay, and other e-wallets have now democratized ways to send money from anywhere to anywhere. This used to be something that only banks could do for you, but now anyone with a smartphone can spend a few minutes registering for an e-wallet and then send money to anyone in the world.

    The best thing about these companies is that they do not compromise on safety or security. You can even argue that there is a higher level of security than using your card since there is an additional layer in the middle.

    These same payment transfer methods can be used for both depositing and receiving money from any site around the world, including online betting sites. 

    Now, using the help of technology, people can bet on the leading websites of the world without ever having to meet anyone else, right from the comfort of their homes!

    The big question: Is online betting legal in India?

    As long as the website you place the bet on is hosted outside of India, and betting is legal in the country it is hosted from, bookmakers can accept bets from Indian players. And even though this is a bit of a gray area, there is no federal law against online betting, and there is no record of Indian players being prosecuted for betting online.

    We encourage you to make your own informed decision about the legality of online betting, but the fact remains that more and more people are using easily available tools at their disposal to bet in a safer and more regulated manner than ever before.


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