Must-Have Sports Betting Apps for Your Phone


    Living the dream watching sports and earning money from it. Well, many do it, with sports betting on their favorite sports, here are some apps you should have in your pocket to get you started, so you can improve your chances with real-time odds, news and even live feeds of the event that some apps offer. There are now 25 states with more coming that offer sports betting, great for sports fans. Let’s look at some of the top Apps to help you bet smarter.

    There are a growing number of sports apps that let you bet real money. But some important features to look out for are safety, service and ease of withdrawing and depositing funds because you don’t want to have big winnings that you can’t get back into your bank account.

    Paddy Power – we like because it’s got an array of sports, one of the biggest being horse-racing and if you have bet on that race you can stream the race live on the app. And they show nearly every race around the world. The app is quick and fast and they offer member points for things like events, prizes and even free money back on losing bets. We all need those once in a while.

    Bet365 – At the top of the sport betting apps market are Paddy power & bet365 with so many similarities between both mobile apps. Bet365 has some excellent in-play betting markets and a betting exchange that allows members to give their own odds. Bonus bets on Bet365 are always worth looking out for. If you are a new member, then you can sign up from your mobile and claim no deposit bonuses, and there are always plenty of special event bonuses, enhanced odds, and other special deals.

    William Hill – one of the oldest brands in the game from the UK and really making inroads in the states, it has coverage in Nevada and more states like Iowa, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, and West Virginia. The app is not cluttered, simple to navigate and gets you to the sport book and bet fast. The payment options are more limited e.g. no PayPal, but its quick and simple enough. They have live chat if you ever get stuck or need instant assistance, crucial if the game is about to start and you can’t get your bet on. They have the history and the breadth of sports, but maybe the interface is not as funky as other newer betting companies.

    PointsBet – like this one which launched in 2017 in Australia, PointsBet has become a big player in the US too with over 15 different sports, covering all the major leagues. The app is clean and fast and has more dynamic content than the 2 above. It also has the live chat function which covers US time despite it being an Australian company.

    Fox Bet – started as BetStars, but when Fox got involved it was rebranded into a FOX product. It’s a partnership between The Stars Group (acquired by Flutter) and the FOX Corporation (FOX Sports). So, two massive players in media and gambling and they create a beautiful baby.

    The app has plenty of sports and is easy to navigate around. They design it more for the sports fan as well, with more content and visuals to keep us entertained. They offer some good promotions too, like free bets, odds boost on popular events. But its customer service lets it down a bit compared to the previous apps discussed.

    BetMGM – finally, we have BetMGM, and it’s another one brought to you by a casino company and they have done a good job with the app. The sign-up bonus is good, and they give our free bet offers for deposits or turnover regularly for customers and new sign-ups.


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