The Best Social Media Analysis Tools to Help You Manage Your Client Base

Social Media Analysis Tool
Social Media Analysis Tool

Social media analysis has now taken center stage in the tracking of broader engagement with the audience on some of the products and services in the market. This development is in the wake of a revolution in digital marketing strategies. Presently, there are more than 500 marketing tools that are designed to measure the impact of a particular campaign across all the different social media platforms. 2020 will probably see the number of social media analysis tools amount to over $5 billion. In this article, we will have an in-depth look at some of the best social media tools guaranteed to help you handle your channels on social media more effectively.


This tool is perfect for managing and monitoring business activities, especially if it is medium-sized or small. Mention is renowned for its ability to provide a wide range of services such as integration processes, social analytics, publishing, and monitoring. This tool helps you utilize the translation of content as well as the publishing of curation services. Mention is also very helpful in publishing via multiple channels. It also comes in handy in social media listening, amplification rates, mention volume, client engagement alerts, plus monitoring abilities, and rates of engagement.

Mention also doubles up as a provider of social ROII reports, exportable reports, and raw data exported. The tool also has a product support software feature coupled with task management and a collaboration platform. It is also at par with Google alerts as it always sends out emails whenever a keyword or phrase you used on your platform registers a search online. It has a rich library of language support with over 42 languages from numerous sources.


Lucidya is a monitoring and social media analytics tool geared towards helping you formulate better decisions that involve strategic thinking. This social media tool has a reliable data search engine dubbed the Spatial Swift that analyses content from social media, both present, and past. The search engine utilizes existing materials on different channels on social media platforms. It has filter options that allow you to narrow your geographical scope to cities and rank them according to their most famous sites, users, and content.

This approach is instrumental since you can now tell what your clients prefer and how to get to potential clients through their specific preferences. With the help of Lucidya, companies can access live-stream posts and historical pieces from the map at their convenience. Knowing what your market needs is highly essential, and Lucidya helps you accomplish just that. Here, you can now appreciate the different conversion rates in line with your marketing strategies.

This way, you can take full advantage of the high demand aspects in the market. Demand for a particular product is not the same as you go from one region to another. This location-dependent social media analysis tool is handy in such a case enabling you to make informed decisions quickly.


This tool is designed to assist you in finding out more about the audience you intend to attract while at the same time, helps with handling your existing communities from Twitter and Instagram platforms. Audiense will enable you to find more clients while making use of some of its most useful features. These features include reports from social media analytics, audience segmentation, and community management.

This approach helps you track and study the behavioral preferences of your audience and their specific characteristics. It changes the list of audiences that you formulate into informative ads for Twitter tailored to reach out to the audience you prefer.

Final Thoughts

Social media analysis is guaranteed to assist you in initiating a much better action plan for social media through well informed strategical approaches. The platform from NetBaseQuid allows you to use these tools ideally, and as a result, your business can gain the traction it needs to enter into greater heights.


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