How Do India’s Most Popular Smartphones Fare in Gaming?


The smartphone is, by far, the fastest spreading piece of modern technology in India right now. As a percentage, less than half of India’s residents are expected to be smartphone users by the end of the year, and yet, that makes up the second-largest smartphone market in the world.  

The widespread adoption of these convenient devices has led to a rise of new sectors across the country which offer modern services to users. Now, there’s instant messaging apps, mobile money apps, music and video streaming, and ways to play games through smartphones.

Of all of these, it’s gaming that commands the most from popular mobiles. So, we’re exploring which of India’s most prominent brands are best-suited to meet the demands of the ever-growing gaming audience.

The Demand For High-Quality Gaming

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Historically, India hasn’t been one for digital sa gaming. For a multitude of cultural and economic reasons, digital gaming just wasn’t a part of everyday life in the country. As has proven to be the case in other rapidly-growing new mobile markets, however, where smartphones arrive, gamers are quickly created. Gaining access to the internet’s stock of mobile-compatible gaming sites and all of the game apps found in the various stores quickly turns users into gamers.

Like with console or PC gaming, casino gaming isn’t widespread across the vast nation, nor has it historically been part of popular culture. Through smartphones, though, the sheer demand for online casino games quickly saw the leading platforms create a way to play online casino in Indian rupees. Due to there being hundreds of the latest slots and card games on these sites, Indians have increasingly sought the best devices to be able to maximize the mobile gaming experience.

Finding The Best of India’s most popular smartphones for gaming

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Research shows that Xiaomi is the dominant smartphone brand in India, followed by Samsung and Vivo. Oppo and Realme also have a decent chunk of the market, but Xiaomi, Samsung, and Vivo are clearly the most popular brands. As you would assume, these brands’ devices tend to dominate the sales charts, with their many different models tussling for the top spot.

As of late 2020, it’s the Samsung Galaxy A51 which stands as the best-selling phone on the market. Just behind is Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8, which is followed by the Vivo S1 Pro to create the top-three phones of the three most popular brands. A key component that connects these three devices is the screen size. As gaming is a visual medium, the bigger the screen, the better. The Galaxy A51, Note 8, and S1 Pro all have a screen between 6.3 and 6.5 inches, with Samsung’s 1080 x 2400 pixels being marginally better than the 1080 x 2340 pixels of the other two devices.

Another key aspect to making the most of the games available to mobile devices is the model’s RAM and processor. For modern gaming, you’ll want a mobile that has at least 4GB RAM. The Redmi Note 8 clocks-in with this baseline requirement, but the Samsung Galaxy A51 exceeds this with a 6GB Ram, while the Vivo S1 Pro goes further, offering 8GB RAM. All three use the Octa-Core Processor, but unlike its competitors, the Galaxy A51 uses Exynos 9611 instead of the Snapdragon 665. This gives the Samsung device slightly faster CPU speeds, higher RAM speed, and a couple of extra memory channels.

So, when it comes to the best gaming device among India’s most popular smartphones, while the Vivo S1 Pro offers the best RAM, it’s the Galaxy’s bigger and better screen with its superior processing units that comes out on top.


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