Best Technical SEO Techniques That You Can Perform With The Help of The Seobility

technical seo techniques
technical seo techniques

When it comes to the SEO tools present around in the world, then seobility is named one of the best. It is a comprehensive tool that helps out a person perform all the types of SEO, but there is one type of SEO that is the specialty of this tool. That type is the technical SEO, which became an essential element of the SEO from the time google has given some recent updates following the number of businesses shifting online.

Those who are not very much aware of the technical SEO should know that it is the type of change that is made on-page. Earlier it was included in that portion, but from the time, the requirements of checking and optimizing the technical aspects of the website increased then; from the very time, this field is defined as a different one under the umbrella term of SEO. Using seobility will help you improve the following technical aspects of your website.

Take care of the loading speed of the website 

All the websites formed and developed on some framework have a fixed loading speed that they show on an internet speed benchmark. The benchmark is set according to the average speed of internet providers. There are plenty of features of the website that affect this technicality of the website. They are

  • The material a person has uploaded on the website affects the speed of loading
  • The amount of audience that is entering the website and the original capacity of the framework.
  • The quality of all the pictures and videos that you have uploaded on the material.
  • The compatibility of the framework and the positioning of the website that you have chosen.

These are the basic factors that affect the loading speed of the website to a considerable extent. Now the tool of seobility will inform you in detail where you are facing any issue on your website and how much it is affecting you? According to that, the priorities are set that which is the one element that one has to fix first and which one is the factor that has to be corrected at last.

When all the changes are made, you can notice that the website’s speed increases automatically. According to some reports, it is stated that if on a standard internet, your speed of website loading takes more than 7 seconds, then people will jump off the website of yours.

Tells you that your website is mobile-friendly or not

When you check the statistics of the audience that are visiting your website through seobility, you will see that more people are coming to the website from the IP address of mobile phones. The reading is accurate as earlier people used to open their laptops or computers and access the internet to retrieve some information, but the facts have changed. Now people have smartphones that have excellent access to the internet.

On the go, when a person needs to check some facts, then directly Google the content they want and access the website for information. It means that the website one makes must be aligned appropriately according to the mobile phone. In the latest updates, Google has stated that websites’ ranking is very much affected because more people are using mobile opines, and websites are not properly optimized. Here, seobility will help you find the reasons why your website is not optimized and tell you properly how to set up the website so that it becomes optimized.

Don’t let the duplicity of the content 

The person who makes a web site knows that they need to be consistent with the content that they are making. When they post one or two pieces of content daily, they will feel shot of topic, and sometimes the content they form will be copied. Now such copied content gives a chance to Google to give you a warning and decrease your rankings. That is why seobility is essential. When you post content, then before doing that, you can cross check the content on the tool. It will tell you that you have ever made the same content or not.

It will never let you copy the same content, and in case you post without checking, then your tool will provide a warning to you before google notices that content.

Checks for the SSL certificate 

The SSL certificate is a security-based patch that is important for gaining the support of customers. You must have noticed that when you are on a website and filling out some information, you will see a sign of lock near the name of the website. This lock sign means that the SSL certificate is applied on the website, and all your information is protected. If the client and audience don’t find this SSL certificate, then they jump off the website.

With seobility, you will get to know that your website is secured with SSL or not. It also starts giving notification when this security patch is about to expire.

Check the registering of your website 

When published online, every website needs to be registered with the Google crawler so that they check your site when the audience puts up a query. Some people published their website and forgot to register, so they never get the audience on the website. Seobility tools take care of the fact that your website is registered on Google to suffice the number of customers.

Informs that the website of yours is properly structured 

Structuring of the website is an essential part of the technical SEO. You will notice that if you have made it properly, then the website’s growth is set at an average pace but on the other hand. If the website is not structured correctly, this tool will inform you and help you structure it so that customers keep visiting your website.


Technical SEO is a new form that is understood much better by the seobility. One can quickly learn and correct all the technical issues of their website with this tool and get their website optimized for proper growth of the website.


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