Power Cuts Troubling You? Here’s Why You Should Invest in The Best Inverter


Half of India’s rural households faced power cuts multiple times a day and only about 23% of urban households across the country reported no power cuts as per a survey conducted in 2019 and 2020, which leaves a major chunk of the Indian population without access to consistent power.

Most of the Indian households still have to live with power cuts and it’s a huge problem across the country, this is where investing in the best inverters make for one of the most important decision, as it is a critical system you can get for your home, if you want consistent power.

An inverter is the go-to appliance for most Indians to keep their appliances powered, up and running. Especially when a lot of the workforce moving back to their hometowns (especially tier 2 and tier 3 cities) thanks to a more liberal full-time work from home policy. Not having the best invertercan hamper your productivity; therefore, it’s a great idea to invest in an inverter.

To give you a clearer picture, let’s discuss a few points that make having an inverter as important as an air conditioner, refrigerator, television set, etc. among other appliances that keep us comfortable, entertained and helps us stay focused on the job.

Protects Your Sensitive Appliances

You don’t need a UPS for your computer if you have a sine wave inverter. It’s sine wave output matches the quality of the supply from the mains and there is no lag between the time power goes out and the inverter kicks in, meaning you don’t need to invest in a separate UPS system as the inverter can keep powering all of your essential appliances without lags.

Silent Operation

Modern sine wave inverters are silent, so that you can work with complete peace of mind. If you are trying to be productive, then getting an inverter can come as a lifesaver as it not only provides consistent power to your home, but also works in complete silence.


The best inverter is designed to be environment-friendly and investing in an inverter as compared to a generator to power your home is a better idea due to the fact that there is no harmful release of gases or fumes in the environment.

Lower Running cost

Inverters are efficient machines and come with very low running costs. Therefore, if you are someone who wants consistent power for your appliances while keeping their electricity bills low, an inverter makes greater sense.

In a country where the majority of the population still gets plunged into darkness in the event of a power cut, investing in a good quality inverter can keep you from having to face the same problems. Moreover, the low-cost of ownership for the countless benefits it offers, makes it a very smart investment which gives returns like no other investment ever will.

Luminous has a range of inverters that are class-leading and the best inverterin their category. From the modern age Regalia series which is an absolute powerhouse in itself to the more affordable yet powerful Icon series of pure sine wave inverters – Luminous’  stellar rang of home power backup solutions can help you stay productive and make the very best this hybrid and work from home culture that we all have come to love so much.

So, if you have been looking for the best inverters, head onto their website and start exploring options. Know that there never was a better time than this to be at our productive best, so make the best of it with an inverter that works just as hard as you do!


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