Where To Buy HikVision Camera at Best Price in Bangladesh

Best hikvision camera in bangladesh
Best hikvision camera in bangladesh

This building is being monitored by CCTV cameras all the time ….’ Such warnings are now in many homes, offices or buildings. Someone should think at least once before committing any crime that his activities are being monitored. The demand for CCTV cameras is also increasing, especially for security. Outside, working couples who have to leave their children with someone at home also install CCTV cameras at specific places inside the house. As a result, the house can be monitored remotely through the internet. There are thousands of home security cameras on the market. It is not easy to choose the right camera. HIKVISION is the world’s number one brand of CCTV cameras. HIKVISION symbolizes the confidence of billions of people around the world. HIKVISION camera price in Bangladesh is also acceptable.

The best security system for your home

Whom do you trust? Security guard? The driver? Workman? Relatives? No, you don’t have to trust anyone else. Just trust the charged security apparatus. Because they will never betray you or sleep on duty. In Bangladesh and all over the world, stealing, robbery, and terrorism are on the rise. And that’s why scientists have discovered sophisticated equipment to stop stealing, robbery, and terrorism. CCTV is one of them.

Whether you live alone or with your family, having a sound security system installed in your home can keep you safe from various hazards and accidents. In a densely populated city like Dhaka, people are running around all day long. It is not uncommon for outsiders or miscreants to break into your home without your knowledge. In such a situation, a good security system can save you from danger.

Nowadays, security cameras are in every house. Many people use security cameras for home security. Anywhere in the world, it is possible to ensure the security of your home or workplace. You will notice that around camera is placed at the entrance or somewhere in the building. It’s a dome camera. This camera captures all the events and activities around them. In addition to dome cameras, there are various CCTV cameras in the market, including Bullet, Doll, Fish Eye Vision.

Various popular companies have already come up with security cameras. Although there are many security cameras on the market right now, which one is ideal for you? Check out the list below.

CCTV system

The use of CCTV camera systems started in our country ten-fifteen years ago. Although the CCTV camera system was then only black and white, these cameras could see clear images. Two types of color CCTV monitoring systems are available in the market as per the current demand. Stand-Alone Embedded DVR (Digital Video Recorder) CCTV Monitoring System and PC Based CCTV Monitoring System. Due to the differences in usage, there are currently different types of color CCTV cameras. Such as General Camera, Dome Camera, Hidden Camera, Spy Camera, Speed ​​Dome PTZ Camera, Hidden Camera, Spy Camera, Day-Night Camera, Zoom Camera, Vandal Proof Camera, and IP Camera are notable.

Advantages of Hikvision CCTV Camera

  • Real-time live monitoring
  • Online remote monitoring
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Video backup
  • Record playback

HIKVISION camera price in Bangladesh 

You can buy a Hikvision CCTV camera in a package or a single product. Hikvision offers the best CCTV camera at an affordable price. The prices vary on the product quality. All this information about Hikvision cameras is available on https://ustradebd.com/ website. You can purchase any kind of camera from this website as your requirement.

HD camera

  1. Model Name: Hikvision DS-2CE10DFT-FC2 MP

Features Description

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920(H)*1080(V) resolution colorVu Bullet camera
  • IR Range 20m IR distance
  • Lens 3.6mm, 6mm fixed focal lens
  • Price 1550 BDT
  1. Model Name: Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IT3F MP

Features Description

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920(H)*1080(V) resolution 
  • IR Range 40m IR distance
  • Lens 3.6mm
  • Price 2500 BDT

IP camera

       1.Model Name: EZVIZ CS-CV246 (BO-1C1 WFR) 1 MP WIFI PAN-TILT

Feature Description

  • Model number EZVIZ CS-CV246
  • Type 1 MP WIFI PAN-TILT HD IP Camera
  • Price 2800 BDT

       2. Model Name: Hikvision DS-2CD1143GO-I 4.0 MP IR Network Dome Camera

Feature Description

  • Model number DS-2CD1143GO-I (IP 3MP camera)
  • Type IR Network Dome Camera 
  • Price 5300 BDT

PTZ Camera

      1.Model Name: Hikvision DS-2DE42251W-DE IP PTZ camera

Feature Description

  • Model number DS-2DE42251W-DE
  • IR Range 100m (IR Range)
  • Price 25000 BDT

Package HD CCTV 1080P 2MP

HIKVISION company also has a package system. They provide a full HD CCTV package with a monitor.

2MP Hikvision 1 Full HD CCTV Package with Monitor

Feature Description

  • Brand Name HIKVISION
  • Sensor 2 MP Cmos
  • Lens: 3.6mm fixed
  • IR Range: Up to 20m
  • Price 9999 BDT

Package HD CCTV 5MP

5MP Hikvision 1 Full HD CCTV Package with Monitor

Feature Description

  • Brand Name HIKVISION
  • Recorder Type DVR Recorder 
  • Channel 4 Channel
  • Price 13199 BDT

Where you can buy HIKVISION camera at the best price in Bangladesh

To get world-class safety and security products and equipment at affordable prices, please contact US Trade International and feel free to use the world’s leading Security Systems brand year after year. They offer you world-famous Hikvision brand HD CCTV cameras. They have two corporate branches in Dhaka and Sylhet, where you can order any type of Hikvision Cameras your needs. Also, order Hikvision products through social media platforms like the Facebook page, Linkedin, youtube channel, Pinterest, or Twitter.


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