The Best Outdated Flagship Phones You Can Still Buy This 2020

Best Flagship Phones
Best Flagship Phones

Getting a new, outdated flagship phone this 2020 is one of the best decisions you can make, whether you have all the money to get a new smartphone or you are on a tight budget. Getting a middle-range smartphone rather than an outdated flagship may be an attractive alternative, but trust us when we say that you’re better off with the latter. In this article, we’ve listed down the best-outdated flagship phones you can still buy:

Huawei P30 Pro

Just one version short of the flagship P40, Huawei P30 Pro still has the bells and whistles that top of the line smartphones have nowadays. The P-series boasts of Leica cameras, and it’s safe to say that the camera quality in these phones is nothing short of excellent. Pictures are crisp, colors are accurate, and the software is fast and snappy.

Under the hood, you get Huawei’s Kirin’s octa-core chip with a Mali GPU, a glass aluminum frame that’s premium to touch, and IP68 dust- and water-resistance. You also get an OLED screen with HDR10 support, and 88% screen to body ratio at 398 PPI density,  and a fingerprint under display. Storage options start at 128GB at 6GB RAM – which means it can run almost all resource-heavy games and applications.

iPhone XR

If you rather get an iPhone, the XR is the phone to get. It’s the best iPhone in terms of battery life, with Apple’s revolutionary A12 chip inside. The screen is an IPS LCD display at 326 PPI – you won’t get the blackest of blacks, but most people won’t know the difference when looking at the screen. Apple has perfected its LCD screens over the years and only the enthusiasts will only be the ones who can differentiate it.

You get Gorilla Glass front and back, as well as an aluminum 7000 series frame. The greatest thing about getting an iPhone is that you are sure to get operating system updates for a long time. This means you can upgrade to the latest iOS 14 with widgets and security features. Storage starts at 64GB, but you have the options for 128GB and 256GB.

Samsung S10

Released just a year ago, Samsung’s S10 series has the best screen among the outdated flagships listed here. This is the flagship series from the brand that has resuscitated the interest in dying Samsung smartphones, and with the S20, the company has ridden the wave and made themselves part of the conversation again.

The S10 is powered by a Qualcomm or Exynos chip depending on your location, dynamic AMOLED with HDR10+ support at 1440×3040 pixels, 19:9 ratio, and 550 PPI density. The fingerprint security is under the screen, which is a success in itself. You can get the S10 at $440 from the right retailers.

iPhone XS

If you’re looking for a more powerful iPhone, get the XS. This is the next version after the X and just one version away from the latest 11 series. At the time of launch, the XS has gotten lukewarm reviews, but two years after, it has proven itself as one of the best-outdated flagship phones there is. Like the XR, the XS is supported for years to come, and while the chip inside is not the latest, the A12 Bionic is as future-proof as a chip can get.


Getting a smartphone nowadays is a necessity more than a luxury. The world is more connected than ever, and as we move forward with our society, having a smartphone is the way to be. With these smartphone recommendations, you can easily connect with loved ones, discover new hobbies, and communicate with other people.


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