Best CCTV Security Camera Solutions in Bangladesh

Best CCTV Camera Bangladesh
Best CCTV Camera Bangladesh

Take a while to pause and examine around; do you spot a camera?

If it’s a no, try harder. Are you somewhere public scrolling through this writing? Move your eyes again and this time surely you will find a CCTV camera.

Still not? Ok, if you are on your smartphone, you certainly have a camera inbuilt, or if you are on a laptop, there is a chance of a webcam pointing at you! 

We have cameras all around us. How comes such a plain camera invention revolves into super monitoring or crime the control machine? We can find some of the best CCTV camera prices in Bangladesh for you.

So what is CCTV? – 

CCTV cameras can capture photographs or film surveillance videos. 

  • This technology is usually used to track actions, behaviors, or other improvements to regulate, govern, or defend human beings. 
  • Observing close from afar is generally used for the purpose of getting information, crime prevention, and defense of process, person, community, or entity by government or private agencies. 
  • They are helpful in avoiding violent crimes such as theft and kidnapping and gathering information to increase the profitability of intelligence services and businesses.

Now there are quite a handful of companies that are providing CCTV security camera solutions with the best prices and quality in Bangladesh. Some of these companies are- 

  • US Trade International, 
  • Star Tech, 
  • Global Brand PVT, 
  • MicrotechBD, 
  • Computerstorebd, 
  • White Window Limited, 
  • Credible Technology, 
  • GCTL Security, and many others.

There are different types of CCTV cameras such as Analog, Digital, and IP Network cameras. There are HD cameras, PTZ cameras, WiFi, and spy camera as well as DVR and NVR.

One of the most popular CCTV camera brands is Hikvision, Dahua, Jovision, Lion Vision, YHDO, and so on.

StarTech sells tech-focused solutions.  They claim to deliver the highest quality goods to the customers at the lowest price.  The consumers have a variety of items to pick from the selection ranges from –

Desktop, Tablet-PC, Monitors, Office Equipment, Notebooks, Surveillance, and Safety System like CCTV camera. Starting in 2007, StarTech has become a well-known brand as a tech solution provider. 

The CCTV camera price in Bangladesh sold by StarTech –

  • Hikvision IR IP camera (fixed dome) at tk. 5800, 
  • Hikvision IR IP bullet camera at tk. 3600, 
  • Dahua 2unit IP camera with the package at tk. 21500.

White Window sells CCTV solutions and services for all budgets and tailors each to the exact safety management system specifications of the customers. Device DVR Base CCTV Control, Embedded System DVR, Current TCP/ IP Network Video Recorder, CCTV Surveillance Solution are their software technologies. They sell-

  • IR Box camera,
  • IR Dome camera, 
  • High-speed dome camera,
  • YHDO Regular box camera and so on.

Global Brand is another company providing CCTV camera solutions in Bangladesh and one of the giant distributors of the country since 1996. They sell mainly from the brand Hikvision. 

Hikvision has various types of solutions for several types of bank defense, education, secure cities, and transportation systems. With this shop, you have exceptional options at the best CC TV camera price in Bangladesh. It also guarantees that your cameras are healthy and natural.  Hikvision is committed to designing and providing new technologies inexpensive, simple, and essential bundles.

The brand list includes-

  • Hikvision ez360 720 wifi camera
  • Hikvision mini plus 1080p wifi indoor cloud camera
  • Hikvision ezGuard 1080p wifi bullet camera
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0 camera
  • Hikvision DS-2CE56HOT-ITPF camera, and so on.

US Trade International is a distributor and service provider of security systems in the country. All types of monitoring and automation systems are in their product base. It has vast expertise and knowledge on the application and technologies of CCTV surveillance cameras. They are the leading importer with affordable IP CCTV camera prices in Bangladesh. 

They supply according to the customer preferences and demands with the HD monitoring surveillance system. U.S. Trade International takes enough time to speak to the user about their preferences. Then it develops a system to satisfy those needs. They provide a system that vastly exceeds the standards by listening to their clients, and that can be quickly enhanced and convenient to use. 

Analog CCTV is an outdated model but they sell this all over Bangladesh for fair rates. Each CCTV camera device includes Network Video Recorder and Digital Video Recorder and they import the decent original models. 

They have keenly organized their products into sub-categories like-

  • CCTV HD and IP camera
  • HD camera
  • PTZ camera
  • IP camera
  • Wi-Fi and spy camera
  • DVR and NVR
  • Package IP camera 4MP
  • Panoramic and spy camera
  • Package HD CCTV 5MP
  • CCTV accessories, etc.

They have great deals on the CCTV camera price in Bangladesh. They even have a call for discount options on their site for customer engagement. They have some awesome deals like –

  1. Hikvision EZVIZ CS-CV246 1Megapixel Wi-Fi HD IP camera (Pan-tilt) at only tk 2800 
  2. HikVision DS-2CE16D0T-lT3F 1080 HD camera (bullet) at only tk 2500
  3. HikVision DS-2CE16D0T-IRPF Indoor CCTV Camera (bullet) at only tk 1550
  4. Hikvision DS-2CD2T43G0-I5 IR Network IP Camera 4MP (fixed bullet) at only tk 8200
  5. V380 Fisheye Wireless Wi-Fi IP CCTV Camera (360 degrees panoramic) at only tk 3000
  6. Hikvision 1 Full HD CCTV (5MP) Package with Monitor at only tk 13199

Not only that, but US Trade International also allows customers to zoom in product photos with full specifications to give them an overview of what they are buying.

Therefore to get the best CCTV camera price in Bangladesh, you can definitely scour this and get ahold of the best deals. From ensuring safety to quality control, surveillance systems are indeed important in our everyday busy lives.


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