Biggest and Best Cannabis Brands Across the U.S.


    As cannabis legalization spreads from state to state, so do cannabis businesses. Interstate cannabis commerce remains a tricky issue, given that cannabis continues to be illegal at the federal level. Still, some cannabis brands have found a way to sell their products across the U.S. — and they are reaping the rewards. Here are a few of the biggest and best cannabis brands to look for, either as investments or during your next dispensary run.

    Cookies Brand

    From the breeder who brought the world the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, Cookies Brand cannabis products are rapidly becoming some of the nation’s favorites. From seed to store, Cookies controls every element of their product creation, which means their offerings are pure and potent, perfectly curated to deliver the effects consumers crave. Even better, Cookies is looking to expand with psychedelics as mushrooms gain legal status around the country, which could give the brand another edge in the coming years.

    Surterra Wellness

    Surterra Wellness offers a huge range of naturally cultivated cannabis products, with the message that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel well. Initially a medical cannabis dispensary operating out of Florida, Surterra now has a range of branded items, from flower to tinctures to patches to chocolate. The brand is so beloved by Floridians, it is sure to see rapid expansion across the South, at least leaping to D.C. dispensaries when given the chance.

    Cresco Labs

    The beauty of the products from Cresco Labs is that they look like products you might find in any retail store. They are simple, clean, professional and attractive, which helps them feel safe and approachable to new cannabis users. Even better, Cresco is working to develop customized cannabis options for each cannabis consumer, so individual needs are perfectly met. To that end, you can talk to the Cresco Labs customer service team to learn more about their product line and find the options that suit your needs best.


    Offering some of the most beautiful cannabis product packaging on the market, WYLD is a cannabis edibles brand operating out of Oregon. Though the brand has a limited product line, with gummies and chocolate on their cannabis side and sparkling water on their CBD side, each item is produced with impressive care and attention. Their fruit-flavored products are imbued with the flavors of the Northwest — raspberry, elderberry, marionberry, huckleberry — and taste exquisite, like they belong in a luxury confectionary shop. Fortunately, you can find WYLD all across the West Coast and Rocky Mountain states.


    While other cannabis wellness brands look to promote overall health, Foria launched with a specific wellness goal in mind: sexual health. Foria targets the female cannabis consumer who is interested in improving their sexual experience with a variety of natural products. Since finding success, Foria has expanded their product line to include overall wellness items, but its bestselling intimacy collection remains a fan favorite and remarkably unique in the cannabis space.

    Lowell Herb Co.

    Before cannabis prohibition in the early 20th century, cannabis products were popular patent medicines across the U.S. That’s why Lowell Herb Co. fashions its products to look so old-timey; it is drawing from a history of simple, straightforward weed sales. Lowell keeps its products as simple as its packaging, with some of the best pre-rolls in California, and their handmade accessories harken to a time when weed was weed. Everything about this brand feels authentic and endearing, which is what is skyrocketing it to success.

    Tyson Ranch

    It should come as no surprise that famous pugilist Mike Tyson owns a cannabis company, considering that the heavyweight has claimed that his commitment to smoking weed everyday contributed to his success in the ring. Tyson Farms strives to help users find balance in mind and body through its specially bred flower — currently the only product available from the brand. Consumers love products peddled by celebrities, and Tyson’s cannabis experience ensures that his brand has exceedingly high-quality offerings.

    Old Pal

    Old Pal is a cannabis brand striving to make cannabis consumption less controversial and less confusing. By creating products that are, first and foremost, affordable and accessible, Old Pal has become a go-to brand for many consumers, who appreciate its laid-back vibe and fun, simple packaging. What’s more, most of the cannabis from Old Pal is grown outdoors with natural processes, making it a sustainable, natural, low-tech solution for those who just want good, old-fashioned weed.


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