3 Of The Best Bitcoin Wallets You Can Trust


Cryptocurrencies have seen a rise in interest as well as demand and supply in the last few decades. Gone are the days when these cryptocurrencies are frowned upon. The rise in technological use, as well as the proliferation of smartphones worldwide, have certainly created the perfect environment for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be more accessible.

But besides more people coming in to support the system and the world becoming more open to the possibility of having an infrastructure of money that doesn’t involve banking institutions, cryptocurrencies are still volatile. Trading, buying, and selling any kind of cryptocurrency is still a trade that’s oftentimes unreliable, and only a select few really have the know-how on making it work.

So if you’ve been part of the industry for quite some time now, you know exactly how important Bitcoin wallets are. Wallets are virtual storage systems to store Bitcoins, and every tech-savvy individual who has been mining coins need a storage system that’s not only top-notch but secured as well. In this article, we’ve listed down the best Bitcoin wallets you can trust: Ledger Wallet Bitcoin (렛저 지갑 비트코인)

Best for starters and overall: Coinbase

Coinbase is arguably one of the best Bitcoin wallets in the world. At its most fundamental, Coinbase is an exchange platform for cryptocurrency.  The software for Coinbase basically sets up a regular purchase schedule for its users. It’s one of the few wallets in the world that is covered by FDIC, although only for its US residents and those who have their wallets in USD currency.

Coinbase is also easy to learn and maneuver. You can buy, sell, and hold almost all types of cryptocurrency in it, with Bitcoin having the best support. Coinbase offers the ability to connect a US bank account for its US users, effectively cutting the hassle in transferring Bitcoin to your regular savings and checking accounts.

Best for security: Trezor

Trezor takes the handling and storage of cryptocurrencies a little differently. It focuses on a tightly-run system where a secure connection is of utmost importance. You can connect Trezor to your laptop or smartphone so that you have access to your bitcointrader.ai day and night. The models can be had for less than $60, but the high-end ones can fetch $500 in price. Quite fancy, but that’s the price you have to pay for a more secure connection.

One of the best features of Trezor is its multi-factor authentication system, where you need to go through several security measures in order to access your account. With this storage system, it’s imperative that you don’t lose your password and that you change it every now and then in order to secure your cryptocurrencies.

Best for smartphones: Edge

We are living in a world where smartphones rule our lives. We use our smartphones every day to communicate, get news, connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, etc. There is a reason why the time we are living in now is called the smartphone era. With current smartphones on the market today, the security in these little devices has gone up to the point where there’s significant confidence in dealing with cryptocurrencies on-the-go is possible.

If you like to trade, buy, and sell Bitcoin on a smartphone and that you want to have ready access to your wallet anytime, anywhere, Edge is a great alternative to check out. You’ll need log-in accounts once you download the app, but overall you can only access 30 different cryptocurrencies in it. Not too shabby, but not the most comprehensive either.


So there you have it. Bitcoin wallets are now more secure than ever. That’s why you’ll probably only need to worry about the volatility of your investments on certain coins from now on!


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