Best Basketball Shoes Purchase Tips for BBall Players

Best Basketball Shoes
Best Basketball Shoes

The game of basketball is incomplete without having a pair of shoes. It also is not enough to just put on shoes, you need to put on shoes designed specifically for the game of basketball. Basketball shoes stand out from regular shoes as they were designed to be fashionable, comfortable, and to help with performance. They also come with various features. You, therefore, will need to know the right features for your game style before getting basketball shoes.

You might end up buying the wrong pair of basketball shoes if you do not have a good understanding of your game style, as well as your capabilities. Do you play with a lot of aggression and power? Do you enjoy shooting from a distance? Are you agile and fast? Your answer to the above questions will help you get the right basketball shoes.

If you have a pair of basketball shoes that are lacking in the features that best suit your game style, regardless of how good they are, you might not be able to play at your optimum.

Below are tips to help you choose the right basketball shoes.

You Should Know the Sections of Basketball Shoes

Typically, basketball shoes have three sections. They are the outsole, the midsole, and the upper. These different sections have different qualities and these qualities have an effect on your performance while playing a game.

The Upper

There is a lot the average basketball player should know about the upper section of a pair of basketball shoes before deciding to buy one. Of the many features of the upper section of a pair of basketball shoes, you must know the right height for you before you buy one. Basketball shoes come in low, high, and mid heights. These different heights are good for different styles.

High: This type of shoes have an upper that provides extra stability and support for the ankle. They also come with more weight than basketball shoes of other heights.

Mid: This provides medium ankle support. The upper part of this shoe just makes contact with the ankle without enclosing it. This type of shoes gives room for a great deal of flexibility.

Low: This type of basketball shoes does not offer ankle support. Also, it is ideal for agile and fast players.

The Midsole

This is the point the footwear’ cushioning is located. It, therefore, has an important role in the performance of the shoe. Usually, midsoles are made up of different types of foams. Of these foams, polyurethane is one of the most durable and dense while m compressed EVA and EVA are light alternatives.

The OutSole

This is the footwear’s traction point. It is usually made from a synthetic material or rubber. If you are looking to get a great deal of balance from your shoes, you will have to get basketball shoes with outsoles that are wide and flat. However, if you are more concerned about getting the right grip, you should be on the lookout for outsoles that have a hexagonal or herringbone as they play a role in preventing slips when on the court.

More often than not, basketball shoes are designed to be used on indoor courts. Nonetheless, not everyone plays on indoor courts. Will you be playing on an outdoor court, you will have to get shoes with very thick outsoles.

Consider Your Position

In the game of basketball, there are various positions and these positions require different shoes. The implication of this is you have to consider what position you play when shopping for basketball shoes. Let’ go through some of the positions and the ideal shoes for them.

Forwards: Forwards will do a lot better when they put on high-top shoes. These shoes are heavier than other basketball shoes and provide the right level of support and coverage.

Guards: Guards need to move very quickly. They, therefore, will do very well with low-top shoes. While these shoes do not offer a lot of support at the ankle, they help with agility.

All-Round Players: If you play at different positions you will have to get a pair of basketball shoes that will give you the freedom to express yourself properly regardless of the position you play at a particular time. As an all-round basketball player, you will do well when you play with Mid-top basketball shoes. This is because they give you a lot of freedom while providing a good level of support for your ankles.


The average adult probably knows how to get their shoe size when they go shopping for regular shoes. The same, however, cannot be said for basketball shoes. There are certain rules to stick to when looking to buy a pair of basketball shoes. If you do not stick to these rules, you might not end up with the right shoe size.

If you buy a pair of basketball shoes with the wrong fit, you might find it difficult to focus on a game. In addition to the struggle you will have to go through to focus on a game, your back and feet will be badly affected.

To measure your shoe size in the house, you will need a ruler, a writing utensil, a tape, and two pieces of paper that are bigger than your foot. Once you have all that you need to follow the steps below to get the right measurement.

Step one: With a tape, attach the paper to the floor. One end of it must make contact with the wall.

Step two: With your heel hitting the wall, put one foot on the paper. Once done, get someone to trace your foot’s outline. Go ahead and get the measurement of the outline’s widest and longest ends.

Step there: Do the same for the second foot

Once you are done with the measurement, compare what you have with the available shoe charts. If one foot is larger, you must work with the measurement for the bigger foot.

Consider Closure Techniques

Basketball shoes come with various closure techniques. However, laces are the most widely used. Apart from laces, basketball shoes come with hook-and-loops, straps, or zippers. These other types of closures provide the ankle with increased support when compared to regular laces.


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