The Best Apple and Samsung Smartphones That Are Available on T-Mobile

best smartphone
best smartphone

If you are an avid fan of the latest technologies, T-Mobile is one of the world’s best established mobile communications brands. T-Mobile was founded in 1999 and was one of America’s top mobile providers. The demand for T-Mobile has never been higher, with the growing number of people switching to smartphones.

Happily, manufacturers of smartphones have ramped it up too, which is why people can easily choose from a large number of T-Mobiles on sale. Here are the best T-mobile phones available in the market for 2020.

Apple’s iPhone 11

You couldn’t expect anything less from the iPhone 11 as the newest model on iPhones’ long line. This is one of the best T-mobile phones you could purchase. The Apple A13 chip inside the anodized aluminum body is one of the key sales points for the iPhone 11. This blazing-fast chip complements the phone’s crazily big battery.

The phone remains to be on the top tier. It has a similar design with the previous generations but indeed remains classic and high quality. This mobile phone is a step closer to going wireless’s technological advancement because the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone.

The iPhone 11 is much cheaper than the previous generation iPhone X. You could avail of this T-mobile phone for the price of $29.17 per month for 24 months, and the good news is you don’t need to have any downpayment. The device is also available on T-mobile for cash purchase for only $699.99.

Apple’s iPhone XR

The iPhone XR was Apple’s preferred kid before the iPhone 11 came out. The iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 are virtually similar and are among the best T-mobile phones in the market. However, the iPhone XR has a smaller sensor and a comparatively lighter CPU. Regardless, if you put the comparisons aside, the XR is still a great smartphone.

What makes this device stand out is its affordable price range. The XR will do what higher iPhones can for a hundred dollars less. It has a chipset A12 Bionic which precedes the A13, but it definitely can still retain its ground. The iPhone XR is the gamers’ preferred handset.

If you like a sturdy body on your smartphone, you should consider that the iPhone XR has an aluminum body to compensate for its price tag. Regardless, the performance of the iPhone XR will never disappoint. This device is available on T-mobile for $25 per month for 24 months. For cash purchase, it is only for $599.99.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20

If iPhones are not your bias, T-mobile also offers Galaxy S20. This device will surely do its purpose even if it has a compact size. Despite the release of other Samsung Galaxy devices, the S20 is their chosen flagship device. With this in mind, you now have an idea of how great this phone is.

The S20 features one of the fastest batteries on the market. It probably has the best display profile on this list of T-mobile phones for sale. With its remarkably large storage and memory capacity of its fruity competitors gives it an edge. However, everybody comes at a reasonably high price.

For $999.99 in full payment, you can avail of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S20. The company will give you a 24 month deal of $41.67 per month if you want to ease the blow a little. Possibly this phone sums up the positive investment in the mobile world.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10

Can someone be responsible for producing the best phablets on the market, Samsung’s Note series must be. The Galaxy Notes were designed for busy people who wanted mobile phones to mimic what desktops might do. With its 10th generation, the Galaxy Note 10 is stronger than ever.

Some of the most useful and usable smartphones will still be in the Galaxy Note series. The case of Note 10 did not change with its other versions. The S-Pen being the main selling point, is still here, and all the cool features are always on the phone.

Note 10 is a little bigger than the S20 but is the compactest note ever made. You can get the $949.99 Note 10 from T-Mobile if you are someone who wants all of the Note functionality. You can also wish to use the $39.59 a month 24-month package.


Today’s best smartphones for sale are the best smartphones that you can mention. T-Mobile has done outstanding work to provide the world’s best smartphones, from both Apple and Samsung. Choose the best smartphone for you with T-mobile.


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