7 Facts That Make You Taking Shower Every Day

why showering everyday is important
why showering everyday is important

The shower is considered to be a casual everyday hygienic procedure, nothing to say more. But do you know how does it impact on our body and why taking shower is useful for you? Let’s deepen it a bit.

And to begin with there are a few facts about the cold shower that can change your mind and make you choose it regularly.

  • A cold shower can help you cope with bad moods and reduce irritability. The fact is that cold water affects the so-called blue spot zone in the brain, which produces the hormone norepinephrine, which is responsible for fighting depression.
  • In the morning for a charge of vivacity, as well as to wake up faster – a cold shower is exactly what you need. It activates the cells and blood circulation. Due to this, you feel more strength and energy in yourself to solve important matters.
  • The cold water is a kind of stress for the body, due to which it begins to generate internal heat. Just forget about constantly cold hands and feet and get rid of the problem of excessive sweating.
  • The cold water helps to constrict blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate through your body much faster. Thus, you protect yourself from varicose veins, hypertension and other diseases associated with disruption of vascular function.

And if you are not ready for such a challenge as a cold shower in the morning, there are some facts about the hot shower for you.

  • It relieves pain. The benefits of a hot shower are manifested in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic muscle pain. And since hot water helps to relax your neck muscles, hot showers can help with tension headaches.
  • Helps sleep. Once you’ve warmed up and your muscles relaxed, it will be easier to fall asleep. There is evidence that a 10-minute hot shower helped young footballers get better sleep.
  • Helps with colds. Breathing in warm water vapor will make it easier to blow your nose, and hot steam can help ease coughing.

But the most powerful and useful for your health is the contrast shower with the variable supply of hot and cold water. Besides all the profits of a cold and hot shower we texted below, it helps much in skin and body rejuvenation. But be aware that the shower itself is no doubt useful but the quality of water can reduce its positive impact. To avoid this, you can use special filters but the most comfortable option is to install a cartridge for filtered shower head. It will make water soft, clear and even more useful for your health. Take shower with pleasure and be healthy!


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