Hosted PBX: Why You Need Hosted PBX?


Hosted PBX or Hosted Private Brand Exchange is a cloud-based technology of telephone system that has transformed the workplace of businesses from small to medium-sized. With no doubt the success lies in the flexibility of communication since the technology of Business VoIP, the businesses do not need additional on-premises telephone equipment.

There are two key points which play a vital role in the success of companies:

1st- More options for the workforce, where employees are enabled to work from one place to another, or their mobile phone system under a single office telecom system.

2nd- More quality and efficiency of communication, that hosted PBX services allow businesses to utilize advanced telephone systems and to improve their communications and perform better.

It is worth considering the fact that the flexibility of hosted PBX phone systems does not only comprehend the effectiveness and quality of the internal structure but also with the communication with the customers and external parties.

Why Hosted PBX has so much value?

If you are excited to learn more about hosted PBX? best hosted PBX providers? Then read this article:

There are so many advantages that the hosted PBX phone system has over the traditional phone system and that are beneficial for all types of businesses.

So, if you’re tired with an unwieldy phone system that takes your much your IT resources and consumes a lot of time, then It’s a time to move to a hosted phone solution from the traditional phone system 

Here are the top 6 advantages of hosted PBX Phone system:

6 Benefits of Hosted Phone System 

Probably you’re aware of the technological benefits of hosted PBX or the purpose of switching to VoIP but If you are not informed then read this all to understand how your business demands it and how it will give privileges your company to adopt hosted PBX for business.

After adopting Unified Communications tools, a suite of cloud-based, fiber-optic internet connectivity, enterprise-class communications options, and that include on-demand access to features like instant messaging, and HD conferencing helps your business to grow fast and steadier.

However, the question is raised how can hosted VoIP PBX potentially serve the rest of your business, beyond IT and accounting?

Investing in the best hosted VoIP phone system and outsourcing your communications to a trusted third-party provider can allow notable benefits against the status quo or maintaining your partnership with your local (POTs) plain old telephones provider. From a business strategy perspective, there are several ways where there’s a reasonable advantage in choosing hosted VoIP PBX over the various business-class phone services.

1. Cost Savings

There are fewer costs of downtime and repairs in the case of a hosted PBX phone system as compared to traditional PBX that usually imposed by legacy operations’ and maintenance or in-house charges. Preferably, hosted PBXs managed by the third-party vendor. Additionally, a hosted PBX system doesn’t require complicated infrastructure to buy and easily set up by using an existing internet connection.

2. Scalability

Traditional phone systems or PBX are scalable, but expansion is not as fast as compared to hosted VoIP PBX. 

Hosted PBX phone system allows your communication necessities to grow smoothly, flawlessly without any interruption. Moreover, the hosted platform facilitates companies to add extensions, phone lines, and also connect to the smartphone without any limitations that imposed by the “conventional style” phone system.

For hosted PBX for business, Serving as the most reliable and trusted brand with relatively inexpensive and free trial periods

3. Outsource maintenance

Hosted phone system reduces organization to hire additional staff. The main advantage that a hosted PBX system has over traditional phone system is that all operations managed by the hosted phone providers in an on-site area, so you don’t require to assign particular in-house team, It will support you to save your money, time and will accommodate you to keep your system run smoothly. 

4. Reliability

Hosted PBX phone system connects all calls without any lagging, delay, response times, and lapses in call services. You can trust on clear accession of each call, as an Internet telephony system that is intrigued for its superior quality beyond that of traditional PSTN.

5. Mobility

A hosted PBX phone system can be a more advanced tool for producing instant mobility. Research shows that today’s employees don’t demand a mobile-friendly workplace. They expect an organization that encourages their preference to work or retain continual connectivity and use their smartphone as a hub for work.

By selecting a hosted PBX solution, your organization can assist your employee’s preference for mobile-based work.

Hosted PBX supports mobility and allowing your employees to take their office number with them anywhere in the globe. With additional communications functions, they can have easily accessed the customer data, chat messages, and files they need on the go.

6. Excellent recovery

If, anything that “goes down” due to any reason of unforeseen events, like a fire, storm, or power brownout in your phone’s connection— and if you have still a conventional system in your hand. This disturbance can cause productivity to stop quickly, which influences your bottom line including external communications—maybe your important clients, vendors for instance. 

A modern VoIP hosted phone system can solve this issue and your infrastructure is guarded in a hosted or cloud environment. As so, your communication flow still continues even in the emergency.

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