Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse


One of the determining factors when deciding on a profession is the benefits that can be enjoyed from practicing the profession. Aside from the genuine interest and passion that one may have developed for a particular profession, the benefits of that profession can also be a motivation for pursuance. For travel nursing, most people tend to get into it for their zeal to help others and consequently make the world a better place. Thankfully, this zeal earns them a good compensation package. For new candidates who are interested in taking up travel nursing jobs in Pennsylvania, here are some of the many benefits to expect:

Higher Salary

Travel nurses get paid higher than regular staff nurses. It has been calculated that a travel nurse can earn up to $50 as opposed to the $37.24 that a staff nurse earns. Subsequently, a travel nurse can earn over $100,000 in a year. Aside from the earning power, travel nurses are paid every week. Alongside their basic salary, travel nurses also get other financial stipends and allowances.

Free Housing

Usually, when a travel nurse gets hired by a recruiter, they are offered accommodation. This is because the travel nurse is just moving to a new environment, and the recruiter will try to ensure that everything is suitable so the nurse can perform optimally. In some cases, aside from providing accommodation, the recruiter may also offer the travel nurse a small stipend for housing allowance.

Transportation Allowances

Travel nurses tend to spend a lot on travel logistics. Thankfully, recruiters often offer the nurses transportation allowance to cover all their travel expenses. This means the travel nurses won’t have to spend out of their money since they will be receiving funds for that purpose from the recruiter. Inevitably, this means the nurses can use their income for whatever they want.

Reimbursement For Licenses

Travel nurses usually have to get new licenses when they travel to a new location. This is because the license to practice varies from location to location. Processing this can be quite stressful, and it may cost some money. Recruiters or staffing agencies provide help to ease the process. The recruiters may also refund the money spent on the process. In the long run, travel nurses will have multiple licenses to practices in different states, and it won’t have cost them a dime. 

Traveler’s Discount At Destination

Some countries are friendly to foreigners and travelers. Some are especially friendly and generous to essential workers. This usually means that a travel nurse can get some products at a lesser price due to the traveler’s discount, and this can be a great way to save money.

Flexible Working Hours

Aside from the opportunity to choose where one wants to work, the working hours are quite flexible. The whole idea of travel nursing is so that medical staff isn’t overworked in their effort to ensure that all their patients are cared for. The presence of a travel nurse in a medical institution, therefore, means that the available work will be shared reasonably. There will be flexible work shifts for both the local nurses and travel nurses.

See The World

Since the travel nurses get flexible work shifts at their job assignments, there is enough time for them to relax and explore their environment. The nurses can go out to experience the culture of the location they are currently working in. Additionally, they get to meet new individuals and enjoy wonderful views as well as food. They get the opportunity to have a different experience every time they are stationed at a new location.

Learning Opportunity

Some recruiters provide short training programs to get their newly hired travel nurses accustomed to their system. Aside from this, the opportunity to work at different organizations in different countries provides travel nurses with extensive experience. And because of the different ways things are done in a different location, travel nurses become more equipped to handle several situations.

The benefits offered may vary from recruiter to recruiter and from one travel nursing staffing agency to another. Either way, they are always very extensive. Also, they help make up for the fact that nurses tend to travel a lot. For those travel nurses who aren’t exactly too thrilled by that part of the job, they can take solace in the benefits provided. And for those who don’t mind the travel, it is a win-win. 


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