9 Baseball Positions & Responsibilities

Baseball Positions & Responsibilities
Baseball Positions & Responsibilities

So, if you are so new at baseball, you might be wondering how the game is played, how many players in each team and what is the positions as well as responsivities of each player. A baseball game is so much fun to watch.

There are nine players in each team. And each player has their positions in the ground. In this article, we are going to discuss all baseball positions and responsivities. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into the discussion.

9 Baseball Positions For Players & Their Responsibilities

1. Pitcher

In the game, the pitcher will deliver the ball to the plate to start every game. The pitcher’s primary goal is to retire the batter. The batter is considered out if he misses the strikeout and if the fielder catches the ball.

His other responsibilities are to maintain their positions at any cost. He also has to catch the pop flies and charge to the field. The pitcher also plays as a backup at the base plate if the ball gets by the catcher.

2. Catcher

The catcher is supposed to catch the pitches and block all the balls in the dirt. Moreover, he has to return the ball to the pitcher. The catcher must be careful when the runners are on the base.

He has to throw the ball toward the exact base when the runners try to run. A catcher must know how to block the plate when it is close play. However, he should wear all the safety equipment like a helmet, gloves, leg guards etc.

3. 1st baseman

The first baseman’s primary responsibility is to cover the 1st base no matter what. Another responsivity is to maintain the 1st base and must know how to tag fist for an out if the grounders hit at him. The first base must be aware of catching pop flies charging to field bunts and throwing the ball to others if the runner tries to run.

4. 2nd baseman

The second baseman position is in between the 1st base and 2nd base. The 2nd baseman is known as the middle fielder. The basic responsivities of the second base are to cover up the second base on a double play.

2nd baseman should be right-handed because if the 2nd baseman is lefthanded, he won’t be able to handle the ball which is thrown at the right side of the 2nd baseman because of their position between 1st and 2nd base. Again,  they don’t have to throw longer because all the four stations are near to the 2nd baseman.

5. 3rd baseman

The 3rd baseman’s primary responsibility is to field the batted ball at the left side of the infield. He is known as a hot corner because the 3rd base is required for the fastest reaction in the play area.

The 3rd baseman should be powerful and should strong arm to handle the batted ball which is hit towards him. The 3rd baseman must be able to field bunts, and he also has to throw the ball toward the third base to force out the runner.

6. Shortstop

Shortstop is one of the primary responsibilities, and they are the anchor of infield defence. They also need to maintain the position of the middle side of the play area. The shortstops’ other responsibility is to cover the balls which are hit from the second base. To play as a shortstop, he has to be right-handed. He has to be so fast so that he can change the fielding position whenever needed.

As you know, baseball players need to be strong enough to handle the batted ball. Like any other position, a shortstop position is needed a strong arm to control the batted ball and throw them to from long distance directly to the 1st base.

7. Left fielder

There are three outfield positions in the baseball field. As I said three outfields, the left fielder is one of them. The left fielder has to cover up the corner of the outfield position. That means the left fielder has tiny territory to cover up.

However, the left fielder has to cover most of the ball in the plays because most of the batter hits the ball towards the left side of the field.

8. Center fielder

The Centerfielder is the main position in the baseball games. They are the defence. Most of the game depends on the Centerfielder. If the centre fielder is too good, there is always a chance to win the game.

Center fielder holds a very strong position in baseball. He has to cover most of the important areas in the ground. He should be the very fastest and most influential player in his team. They must be good at noticing the batter’s movement, which is like a superpower. The centre fielder is the leader of the team, and he must control all the important positions and direct other players on how to play well.

9. Right fielder

The right fielder also holds one of the leading positions in the play area. He should have strong arms so that he can through the batted ball for the most extended area. He has to through the ball directly to the 3rd base to strike out or force out the runner who is running to score more runs. As a right fielder, he has to cover most of the right side of the field, that’s why he needs to be very fast and strong.


If you are new to baseball games, the positioning system and even the game seems to be very difficult to understand. But once you understand the game, you will fall in love for sure. In this article, I have discussed all the baseball positions and responsibilities. I hope the above information will be helpful to understand the baseball game.


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