What is the Difference Between the BAKFlip Tonneau Covers


BAK Industries makes a wide variety of tonneau covers. The BAKFlip line of BAK truck bed covers are hard folding designs in your choice of materials and direct fit sizes. Learn more about all of the BAKFlip models to decide on the right tonneau cover for your truck. 

Types of BAKFlip Folding Tonneau Covers

BAK Industries offers several styles of hard folding covers including the G2 Aluminum, MX4 Premier Matte Aluminum and F1 Premier Fiberglass folding covers. The basic folding bed cover consists of rugged aluminum surfaced panels. This metal is durable enough to be used in the leading custom Jeep accessories and truck accessories. The MX4 model has a matte coating for more resistance to scratches and ultraviolet light. 

Another material option is also available for BAKFlip bed covers. The F1 Premier BAKFlip cover has a high gloss Fiber Max top surface with heavy duty aluminum panels underneath. Upgraded latch housing on the MX4 Premier Matte Aluminum and F1 Premier Fiberglass tonneau covers allows for universal tailgate operation, or opening or closing the tailgate with the cover up or down. 

BAKFlip Truck Bed Cover Materials

The BAKFlip G2 Aluminum and MX4 Premier Matte Aluminum covers are made out of aluminum or coated aluminum, respectively. This material provides durable cargo protection with the added advantage of security when the cover is closed and the tailgate of your truck is locked. Aluminum is more susceptible to superficial damage than Fiber Max.

The F1 Premier BAKFlip cover features a fiberglass reinforced polymer or FRP top layer, which is more resistant to developing dents, dings and scratches than either the G2 or MX4 aluminum covers. This bed cover material also stays cooler than any design that has an aluminum surface, which can be helpful when looking for tonneau covers near me in warmer regions.

BAKFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Designs

The BAKFlip hard folding tonneau cover designs rely on a locking rod system to secure the surface of the cover to the cab while maintaining access to stake hole pockets and can be integrated with tie downs or tubular rails. These bed covers are sold in a wide range of sizes with specified vehicle makes and models to provide a direct fit. Make sure to get the right folding tonneau for your truck.

Open a folding truck bed cover by lowering the tailgate and reaching under the edge of the cover to pull the release cables. Flip open each panel and pull release cables to flip up the next panel. Repeat until the tonneau cover is completely open. Close the cover by flipping down the panels and secure a truck bed by locking the tailgate.

In addition to G2 and MX4 Aluminum and F1 Premier Fiberglass hard folding covers, BAK Industries also makes several styles of retractable and rolling tonneau covers. No matter which cover design, material or operating method you prefer, you can find a reliable bed cover for your truck in the BAKFlip line or choose another type of tonneau cover that is made and guaranteed by this trusted brand.


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