3 Bad Habits That Really Damage Your Health


Nature has gifted a person with a sound mind, a balanced self-sufficient body, voopoo and inexhaustible physical and emotional capabilities. However, not everyone knows how to dispose of this priceless gift called health.

Every day, we undermine our health with many wrong actions, some of which gradually turn into the bad habits. And here we are talking not only about the most dangerous of them: drug addiction, alcoholism, and smoking.

Of course, these addictions occupy a leading position in the list of the main methods of self-destruction. It can completely change the personality, destroy health in a short time, and possibly even take life.

  • Alcoholism

When discussing bad habits and their effects on health, it is impossible not to mention the pathological craving for alcohol. Unfortunately, today this problem concerns both men and women, and even adolescents.

In modern society, people think it is bad to come to visit without a bottle of elite alcohol. And growing schoolchildren, copying their parents and older mates begin to try alcohol at the age of 12 or13.

Despite the active fight against alcoholism, all sorts of bans and formal restrictions, this problem not only remains relevant, but is also gaining momentum, possibly due to the availability of liquid poison, and perhaps because of the stereotype of safe moderation.

Treatment for Addiction

Moreover, the addiction affects not only the alcoholic himself but also his relatives. And if not out of love for oneself, then at least for the sake of loved ones, it is worth maintaining sobriety of thinking and once and for all give up drinking.

When an addict gets treated his main concern is how society will perceive their condition. A program that has specialized addiction treatment can help overcome their reservations.

  • Smoking

One of the most insidious bad habits is smoking. On the one hand, tobacco is so common that nobody perceives it as a toxic poison.

The negative effect on the body does not manifest itself at one moment, gradually accumulating and aggravating the problem that has arisen. That is why smoking is extremely dangerous – when the consequences appear, the habit becomes stronger.

The Consequences Of Smoking

At the same time, the statistics are not at all comforting. About 5 million people die from the consequences of smoking annually, and this figure is growing steadily every year. Moreover, the greatest harm to the body is not even by nicotine itself, but by the resins and carcinogens. They are part of cigarettes, of which there are about 300 varieties. 

Smoking is most harmful to the respiratory system. Smokers are at times more likely to have cancer of the trachea, larynx, lungs, and esophagus, which ends in death. Another deadly consequence of smoking is the pathology of the cardiovascular system.

The harm of smoking affects all organs and systems, gradually destroying the body from the inside, reducing the duration and quality of life in general.

  • Psychotropic Drugs

Perhaps the most talked about, serious and deadly addiction is drug addiction. The pursuit of new sensations, “chemical” happiness, and a pseudo-feeling of freedom pushes a person to try illegal drugs “only once”, and this is the main trick of such a destructive habit.

Unfortunately, “just 1 time” most often ends with a persistent craving for psychotropics, which is almost impossible to defeat without outside help. However, after the removal of the drug from the body, the stage of compensation begins, when the blues and despondency roll with renewed vigor. At this moment, the algorithm forms in the subconscious mind that drugs are equal to pleasure.

And if at first the willpower and awareness of the harmfulness of this destructive habit will help to suppress such thoughts, then the problem will further worsen. The self-deception of novice drug addicts lies in the fact that in most cases they deny that there is a problem as such and do not seek help, believing that at any time they can safely refuse the next dose.

Health Hazards Caused By Drugs

If awareness of the problem comes, which, however, does not always happen, a person needs long-term rehabilitation in order to give up the addiction and restore lost health. And even qualified medical care is far from always effective because the damage caused to health by drugs can reach enormous proportions.

The brain is the first to suffer from drug addiction and can no longer adequately perceive reality and form cause-and-effect relationships, which is why drug addicts think that psychotropic is not a problem, but rather a solution.

The Impact of Bad Habits On Human Health

In psychology, a habit is called a regularly repeated action, without which a person can no longer do. Of course, such a concept has great practical benefits. By developing one or another useful habit in oneself, you can significantly improve the quality of life. Improve or simply maintain your own health, become one step higher on the path of self-development, improve the general condition of the body and the quality of life in general.

It is believed that to form a particular habit, you need to repeat the same action for 21 days. However, practice shows that this rule applies mainly to good habits, and bad ones, unfortunately, are formed much faster.

The strongest psychological or physiological dependence develops unreasonably quickly. But getting rid of it is much more difficult than it seems at first glance.

Final Thoughts

As typical as it sounds, it is much easier to bring addiction into your own life than to get rid of it. Knowing what harm such habits do to the body, you should not even allow thoughts about their occurrence

Just one glass or cigarette can become decisive in the formation of addiction. Therefore, it is better not even to touch the toxic substances, because the path of recovery is long and thorny, and it is extremely difficult to regain lost health.


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