Assigning Monetary Value: How Much is Your Slip and Fall Case Worth

How much is slip and fall case worth.
How much is slip and fall case worth.

You are watching TV sitting on your ergonomic sofa and laughing hard, seeing a person fall comically by slipping on a wet floor. No matter how funny it was, such things in real life are considered an accident. Slip and fall or another term called as ‘step and fall’ accidents can be taken to court if someone is to be accused. So, how much is your slip and fall case worth?

Determining Worth of your Slip and Fall Case

Based on your financial losses, injuries and medical bills, the lawyer will give you an estimate of your slip and fall case.

The lawyer and associates work tirelessly to calculate economic and non-economic damages to give a dollar value of your slip and fall case. However, no actual formula can be used to monetize the amount. It is a matter of extensive investigation, and calculation of your past, present, and future losses.

Each slip and fall case is unique and so, depending on your scenario and condition, the worth is valued. For instance, injuries like broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other traumas can be easily proven through medical records. The compensation claim from such an accident can be very high amounts.

Factors Affecting Your Slip and Fall Case Worth

  • Medical bills and expenses

Medical bills are the foundation of your injuries. It is the most crucial evidence after a slip and fall accident. Medical bills typically include any surgeries, medicinal treatment, home care, X-ray, diagnostics, mobility aids and rehabilitation. Some lawyers provide professionals on their own to record your medical expenses.

  • Income loss

Your slip and fall injuries may have prevented you from attaining office activities, and this had resulted in the loss of income. If you are unable to get back on your feet and go to your workplace, property owners are required to pay out a lump sum of much is your loss.

  • Loss of future earning capacity

If you are unable to get back to work after your slip and fall incident for an extended period, your slip and fall case worth has just bullied up. The property owner or the accused will have to foot your bill for reduced earning capacity or through vocational training in any other field of work.

  • Non-economic losses

Slip and fall accidents can cause injury to both the physical body and mental health. The pain and sufferings of your psychology are the non-economic losses, and your slip and fall case worth can vary under such injuries.

Although it is difficult to put a dollar value on your depression, anxiety, frustration, or any other psychological impact, the well-estimated amount can increase your slip and fall case worth by a lot.

  • Incidental losses

Your slip and fall case worth can vary for any incidental losses that are not directly linked with your injuries but with the accident itself. For instance, you may have to hire a nanny or housekeeper to do your household chores. Showing evidence of such expenses can increase your slip and fall case worth.

  • Long-term damage

Of course, the most crucial part of putting a worth on your slip and fall case is any long-term damages that you may incur from the accident. As already mentioned, broken bones, spinal cord injuries or any fatal damages can cripple you the rest of your life.

Due to this, your slip and fall case worth can skyrocket upwards. Any future treatment costs will also be covered within the compensation claim.

  • The opposition

One of the most unexpected factors that affect your slip and fall case worth is the opposition party. They will always look to show the minimal amount and want you to pay as little as possible.

In some situations, lawyers tend to show a higher amount than the actual one so that they negotiate to the real worth of your slip and fall case. Either way, it must be taken into account very seriously.

  • The uniqueness of your case

Every slip and fall case is unique in its matter. The severity of your injury may not be as acute as for another person’s similar injury. The impact of the damage may have a more significant effect on some other individual than another one.

For example, if a professional guitarist breaks his/her arm, it may mean that the person will no longer be able to play music in the future. In such a case, the slip and fall case worth will have much more value in court.


Once you experience a slip and fall accident, your first two approaches should be to consult your doctor and contact your lawyer. A lawyer is the best person who can determine your slip and fall case worth. Eventually, the compensation you gain is what will make your recovery better and sooner.


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