Apple Watch Series 6 will have microLED display, water resistance and better wireless connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 6 will be faster, have improved water resistance.
Apple Watch Series 6 will be faster, have improved water resistance.

Just months after the launch of Apple Watch 5, we have news for the upcoming apple watch series. Apple Watch Series 6, expected to release in 2020 will be much faster, has improved wireless connectivity, and improved water resistance. The reports and details were first reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, the noted apple analyst.

Well, where the next series for apple watch is under-way, Kuo has spoken few details about the watch that could possibly give us the idea of the Apple Watch 6. Apple’s current model is water resistant to 50 meters and is expected to have better and improved water resistance for series 6. Kuo has also shared details for the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) before as it pertains to antennae, but this is the first time that he’s included it in a technology for the Apple Watch.

What is LCP?

LCP is a low-cost organic flexible substrate and has a few unique electrical properties that make it desirable for conductors like motherboard interconnects and antennae. It behaves consistently across the entire radio frequency range and has a very low resistance making it useful for 5G technologies in an iPhone and for small connection points between components, like what is required in an Apple Watch. It also has a low thermal expansion coefficient, making it stable across temperatures.

Where Murata was expected to provide the antenna technology for the iPhone SE2, Kuo predicts that Avary and Flexium Interconnect will be the primary beneficiaries of Apple’s adoption in the “Apple Watch Series 6.”

Next Apple Watch to have Finger Print Sensor before Iphone12.

Source: Wochit News

To all the details that are doing round, it is also believed that “Apple Watch Series 6” will shift away from OLED to a microLED display. Previously, it was also claimed that sleep tracking will be added to the Apple Watch in 2020, but battery life may have to improve for that.

Sleep tracking could be implemented as an extension of the existing Bedtime feature that was introduced in iOS 10. This is a very basic alarm that tells you what time to go to bed if you say how long you want to sleep and when you need to get up. However, it also integrates with the Health app to show at least some details of your sleep history.

Source: MacRumours/AppleInsider


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