Anti Theft Door Security System

Anti-Theft Door Security System
Anti-Theft Door Security System

Ordinary key and lock systemsseem no more compatible withyour security? Then an additional anti-theft system can bring back your peace of mind.

Locks of different kinds and ratings are available. Some of these are mechanical, where others are electric. However, the incidents of lock pickingare still happening. So it is better to installa thief protecting device. This will alarm youwhenever there is an attempt of entering the house. An anti-theft door security system does the thing exactly. It will warn you each time the door is opened.

Anti Theft Door Security System

The anti-theft device is a must-includecomponent for home-security of this time. Itis asecuritycomponent to warn you about any kind of burglary attempts.In general, an anti-theft system has the following parts-

Control Panel:

All components of the anti-theft security network are monitored and controlled from this panel centrally. Although some deviceshave remote controllers and others can be controlled by androids.


Sensors that are used are of two kinds. One typeis used to detect motion. These sensorswork with cameras or lights. If anyone enters the zone of the motion sensor, it will send a signal to the central control panel.

Another type of sensor is placed on doors or windows. It has two portions. One part is placed on the movable part, and another is fitted on the frame. They are fitted adjacent to each other. After arming the device, it starts to work and forms a circuit. If the circuit is broken for a while, it sends a signal to the central control panel.


Whenever the main control panel gets a signal, it turns on the siren. The siren is a high decibel alarm. So it warnsthe home-dwellers about the intrusion. It also makesthe neighbors aware of the burglary. The siren will not stop until you stop it using a unique key or by remote controller. Some siren has lights too. So the light also beeps when the siren sounds.

Surveillance Camera:

Closed-circuit cameras are used to monitor comparatively distant places of your home as well as the entries of your home. This helps to check theincomers.

An all-time electric connection is required to work the process, whereas some anti-theft devices need connectivity.

You can monitor the device, but professional paid monitoring is also available. However, some company provides yard signs and windows stickersto demotivate burglars from thieving.

Modes of operation

There are a few modes available in anti-theft systems. They are-

Arm Mode:

The alarm will sound and send you a notification whenever there is made a try to open the door. It is the safety mode.

Disarm Mode:

The alarm will not sound in this mode.

Bell Mode:

The mechanism will work as a calling bell.

Installing an Anti-Theft Security System on Door

It is very simple to install an anti-theft security system. The sensor has two portions. Main unit and a magnetic sensor. Set the main portion on the upper part of the door with screws. Then set the magnetic sensor on the frame of the door just against the main part. The distance between the main part and the magnetic sensor must be as In the description of the alarm.

How It Works

Put the device on arm mode. Then whenever there is an attempt of entering the house, the control panel will get a signal. And it will turn on the siren and notify you. Only using the unique key or the remote controller you can stop it.


These burglar protecting devices are of great advantage and have versatile uses. They have some awesome features.

  1. Intensive siren to alert you. Generally, the sirens are high decibel alarms.
  2. The alarm starts to ring immediately after the detection of any attempt to enter.
  3. Some anti-theft devices are connected with the home lighting system. So it can warn you not only by siren but also using light wherever you are in the house.
  4. Most of the devices work with the battery. So no electric connection is required. In some cases, the batteries are rechargeable too.
  5. Some home security system hasgas detection sensors, carbon monoxide detecting sensor, temperature sensors, and water detecting sensors too. So they will alert you about any fire or gas leakage in the home.
  6. They are easy to operate.
  7. Some anti-theft devices can be controlled remotely.
  8. You can also connect them to your android and control them using your phone. And you will get notifications about the device in your android too. It will alert you through call.
  9. Many anti-theft devices have guarantees.
  10. You can bring an extension for your backdoor and windows too.

Stay Secured

Install an anti-theft system on your door for further security. Monitor it from time to time. And stay safe and feel secure.


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