Amazing Ways For Optimizing Facebook Ad Targeting

Optimize Your Facebook Ads
Optimize Your Facebook Ads

We are well aware of the enormous community on the social media platform. Above that, we are also acquainted with the fact that Facebook owns various platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook itself. So, we can say that Facebook ads are one of the best ways to publicize products on a large scale. Effective use of this feature has the potential to revamp your business. 

Powerful Facebook ads are small and to the point. They are generally in the video format rather than a textual form to look more engaging. They focus on their content and convey their message in less than 2 minutes (generally). The first step towards creating an effective ad is selecting an eye-catching template which can be chosen from Invideo. It provides various Facebook ad templates, which give an exceptional look to the content. 

Most smart marketers and entrepreneurs are now acquired with Facebook ad knowledge. Hence, they enjoy an edge that Facebook marketing provides to their business. The majority of successful advertisers have a strong strategy in place, which helps them to get more clicks, leads, and sales. So how this remarkable feature could be used in a more effective way to enhance your business?

Let’s grasp more knowledge about optimizing Facebook Ad Targeting.

What is Facebook ad marketing?

One misconception we have about ads is that, who would click them? No one has time to stop the scrolling process and click on an ad! But, the statistics and studies say otherwise. Facebook is on track, making a lot of revenue from advertising. So, someone is definitely clicking. Some ads just tempt the user to click on them. So, what is the secret? How do you get the users to click on your ads? Also, how do you get them to buy your product?

Facebook ads can be used to promote various products. Promotion of page, posts on your page, products, campaigns, services, or your website is possible through this platform. These ads target users based on their location, demographics, interests, behavior, and personal information. 

If you are new to the concept of the Facebook ad, then first understand how to use Facebook ad manager. Also, read on to find out some quality ways to optimize Facebook ad targeting.

1. Age group:

When you create an ad for yourself, you must choose the audience of the right ages based on your product or service. Let’s understand this with a small example. If a person is building an ad for college admission, he will generally choose the age group of 18-22. 

You should broaden the age group here. Make it 16-56 so that it reaches a greater number of people.

2. Detailed targeting:

Facebook launched a new feature called Detailed Targeting. This feature allows you to choose “must also match” interests rather than just a group of interests. For example, choosing Cadbury as interest and Chocolate as a “must also match” interest, will work better than choosing both interests as usual or just one interest.

3. Focus on customers:

It is not competent to spend money on people who are already your loyal customers. Unless the campaign targets certain existing audiences, don’t include them because they are already loyal to you.

This feature can be used by following these steps: –

  1. To use this feature, first install the Facebook pixel on your blog or website. 
  2. This pixel builds your audience from people who have already visited your blog.
  3. Then you can exclude all visitors to your blog in the Custom Audiences section. 

4. Retarget your audience:

All the people visiting your site are not your target audience. Some visit for genuine information, while some reach there accidentally scrolling through the pages. It is essential to know about their activities to conclude whether they are likely to turn into your potential customers or not.

One useful way to know your crowd is by segregating them into various categories. Let us take an example of a website and understand some more.

Segregation of audience can be done in the following ways:

a. Last visited

The user whose last visit was around 1 month ago is not a potential customer, but the one who often visits the site is likely to turn into one.

b. Number of pages visited

If the user is not viewing more than 1-2 pages then it’s not a good sign, and you need to work on that.

c. Which page was visited the most?

If you use this feature, you will know about your content, which is keeping your audience engaged.

d. Invested time

It is another important trait to enhance your targeting skills. You must keep track of the audience who spend more time on your site. 

5. Interest-specific user:

Let us suppose that the ad you have created is about an Xbox. It will be easier for you to increase the conversion by targeting an audience of similar interest. If you can locate them, then they are more likely to buy your product.

The Behaviors section provides hidden optimization opportunities. Know your product and the behavior of the customer who is likely to buy them. You can remove people who use a 2G/3G mobile network by selecting only those who use 4G and Wi-Fi. It can lead your ad to target users who are more technically advanced and use smartphones and thus, are more likely to click on ads.

6. Know what to focus on:

People use mobile phones and desktops differently, so the ad should be shown keeping this in mind.

While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram with a smartphone, a user is more likely to click on a certain ad. 

7. Carousel ads:

Facebook ads are not only interactive but also mobile-friendly. With the introduction of Facebook Carousel ads, you can expect to pay smaller fees for a higher conversion rate or a better click-through rate. There are some tips to use this particular aspect.

  • Show your product with different angles
  • Giving a detailed view of your product can be more convincing.
  • Include customer reviews

Once you have satisfied customers, use their experience and stories to motivate other users to invest in your product.

8. Analyze the result:

Once you have followed these steps, keep track of the result obtained. Determining your progress is essential for your campaign’s long-term success

So, an extraordinary ad is one of the keys to getting your product global audience. If used in a long-term process with proper strategies and planning, this can boost your business exponentially. So, what are you waiting for? Take help of a Facebook video editor now!

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