All New Slots Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?


    Welcome bonuses are one of the main reasons why some players agree to join up with certain casino sites. They are often lucrative and designed specifically to entice, though they can sometimes be deceptive. New slots use free spins bonuses as a welcome to new players – play Dragon Kingdom slot. Below is everything you need to know about welcome bonuses and why free spins are so popular. 

    Welcome Bonuses 

    These are bonuses which are made specifically available to newer players, they are often generous as they are meant to entice players to sign up to their site. Often players will be bombarded with a range of welcome bonuses from different casino sites. While older players may sometimes feel a little left out by all the welcome bonuses, casino sites can reward them with loyalty bonuses which can be much more lucrative. The most common welcome bonus for slots that players will encounter is the free spins bonus. 

    Benefits of Free Spins Bonus 

    The main benefit that players get from a free spins bonus is that they are a simple, easy to use bonus which gives them the opportunity to win actual money without having to spend anything themselves. New slots offer free spins as a bonus because it is a great way to get people playing a slot which they are unfamiliar with, they don’t have to worry about losing money and can instead focus on getting used to the new game mechanics. 

    Drawbacks of Free Spins Bonus 

    The main disadvantage that comes from using a free spins bonus is that they can be limited by casino sites, often they will specifically chose slots which have incredibly low payouts in order to minimise the amount of money they will lose through the bonus. 

    Other Bonuses to Lookout for 

    The free spins bonus is not the only welcome bonus that players will be offered, although it is the most common. There are several other welcome bonuses which you should keep an eye out for. 

    Free Cash Bonus 

    Perhaps the most desirable welcome bonus, casino sites will give the player free cash in exchange for them signing up. It sounds much more lucrative than it actually is as the free cash will usually only be allowed to spend on the reels, it will also not be allowed to withdraw. Even the winnings you do get from this bonus won’t be allowed to be withdrawn until you have put a certain threshold of money at stake. 

    Deposit Bonus 

    This is a type of welcome bonus which will be made available to players once they have deposited a certain amount of money. For example a casino site may offer you some free spins or a small amount of cash if you deposit ten pounds. These can sometimes be very generous but players should watch out, it is always wise to check the fine print as sometimes this bonus will only be applicable to certain slots that the casino has chosen. 


    Free spins are a popular bonus amongst players, it gives them a risk free way to try new slots whilst also giving them a chance to win money without having to worry about spending anything.


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