Advantages of Keyless Home Entry System

Keyless Home Entry
Keyless Home Entry

With so many keys of cars, safes, office chambers, drawers, are you making your pocket heavier by carrying another extra key for your precious home? Then you are depriving yourself of a lighter and easy life. Just throw your key away and use keyless home entry systems. Keyless home entry systems are more advantageous in many aspects than keyed ones.

Keyless Home Entry System

Key lock systems have become old enough to be abandoned, and new entry systems have developed. You do not need a key to maintain them. And most importantly, they are safe enough to rely on them.

Keyless lock systems can be mechanical or electric. Mechanical locks do not require any electricity but they have a passcode. By entering the right code, one can open the door, whereas electric ones use electricity. Electronic locks use codes or fingerprints. Some electric locks can be connected with smart things hub.

Some most often used keyless entry systems are given below-

  • Push-button gate lock
  • Keypad gate lock
  • Combination gate lock
  • Fingerprint gate lock
  • Smart lock

Some of these lock systems have additional physical key systems for more convenience.

Advantages of Keyless Home Entry System

1. Easier LifeKeyless – Home entry systems will make your life cozier. It lightens your pocket and gives you easy access to your home

  • Hands-free System: The first and foremost advantage of a keyless home entry system is you do not have to carry a key always in your pocket. You do not have to search for your pocket or purse for the key each time you enter your home.
  • No Key Management: You will not have to waste your time in key management. In the case of keyed locks, key in the wrong hand is dangerous. But in case of keyless entry systems, you just need to set the code or save the fingerprint, and then you can forget about your lock. Your keyless lock will do the next things for you. Again, there is no chance of locking the door while keeping the key inside. Where you have to give access to many people, the keyless entry system is more suitable for that place.
  • Both Side Opening: In most cases, you can open your gate from both inside or outside.
  • Faster Opening: You can open the lock by remote controller or android while coming towards the gate. Or you can put your finger on the lock and own it. So keyless locks are faster than keyed ones.

2. Safety Issues – Keyless home entry systems are as safe as keyed ones. Do not hesitate to replace your keyed lock by a keyless one.

  • High-Security Rating: There are many kinds of ratings for locks. For example, ANSI and BHMA. You can check these ratings before buying your lock. High-security rated keyless locks are available.
  • Many Possible Codes: Many combinations of numbers are possible.  So it is almost impossible to open the lock only by permuting the numbers.
  • Easily Changeable Code: You can change the code whenever you doubt the code is leaked. It is a great advantage of a keyless home entry system over keyed locks.
  • Multiple Codes: You can set different codes at a time for different persons. So in many locks, it is possible to check the schedule of individuals entering and leaving time.
  • Anti-pick Feature: Many locks have an anti-bump feature. So theses locks cannot be bumped easily.
  • Built-in Alarm: This feature will help you to catch the burglar. Whenever any picking attempt is made, the lock will notify you automatically.

3. Durability – Keyless locks can be durable too.

  • Weather protection: Sometimes, the rubber gaskets are used in locks, which increases durability against the outdoor environment. If you live in a tropical area, you need rainproof locks, whereas you will need a cold-proof lock if snowfall occurs in your place.
  • Smart Options: Keyless locks will give you many smart options that will not be provided by keyed locks. These features are a great advantage of keyless home entry systems.
  • Lock Scheduling: You can set the time for locking and unlocking. So you will not have to check if the door is locked at night. And the gate will automatically unlock in the morning.
  • Auto Relock: After entering the home, the lock will be automatically locked. You do not have to lock it personally.
  • Remote Controlling: You can lock and open your door by using a remote control or android from a distant place.
  • Integrated Security Feature: After a few consecutive wrong attempts, the gate will be kept lock for a fixed period. Within this time, no code will be granted.
  • Home Automation: Smart lock is a must for your home automation. You can combine your smart lock with smart things hub.


Keyless entry systems can be maintained easily. If any electrical connection is needed, secure that. Change the code regularly. And of course, keep your code secret.

Enjoy Keyless Life

Now replace your key locks by a keyless home entry system and enjoy its advantages.


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