A Review of Insurance Needed for a Cannabis Business

cannabis business
cannabis business

Business owners need protection for their business and their assets. Proper insurance policies prevent the company from facing higher than average financial losses. The business owners review what assets need to be protected and how to prevent a financial loss.

The policies cover their properties, vehicles, workers, and they protect the business against emerging liabilities. If the business creates its own products, it must get protection against injury claims. When performing services for their customers, the business owners must consider liabilities that could generate a financial loss and shut down the company. Insurance policies provide them with help to prevent major catastrophes.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers the property and protects it against known perils. The business owner has access to funds to repair property damage caused by covered events such as natural disasters, fires, and criminal vandalism. The policy provides help with property damage caused by break-ins and water leaks, too.

It comes with limited liability coverage for mishaps that occur in the commercial space such as premises liabilities. However, the business owner will need to evaluate the coverage and determine if they have the right level of protection through the policy. Business owners can learn more about Insurance for cannabis companies by contacting an insurer now.

General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage provides protection for companies when a customer or visitor files a legal claim against them. It provides funds for financial damages awarded to the plaintiff if they win their lawsuit. Its purpose is to prevent a major financial loss for the business owner and keep them from shutting down the business.

The policy applies to several different liabilities such as premises liabilities and product liabilities. It also manages breach of contract and property damage caused by the company’s workers when completing a project for customers.

Product Liability Coverage

Product liabilities emerge when a customer is injured while using the company’s products. When a consumer-related injury happens, the customer files a legal claim against the business and reports the business to the Federal Trade Commission. Product recalls can lead to many plaintiffs filing a lawsuit against the company and getting monetary awards for their injuries.

They can also force the company to provide refunds for the customers, complete product repairs, and provide funds for medical costs. A class-action lawsuit is another possibility that could lead to major financial losses for the business, and product liability coverage can help the business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits for workers when they are injured on the job. The policy provides the workers with coverage for their medical expenses and offers monetary benefits when the workers cannot come back to work immediately.

The monetary benefits will not exceed 90% of the worker’s wages. The business owner must have adequate worker’s compensation insurance for all workers they employ. The federal laws require the business owners to purchase the insurance if they have more than one worker even if the workers are related to the business owner.

Loss of Income Coverage

At any time that the business owner stands to lose their income and profits, they can file a claim through a loss of income policy. For example, the recent global pandemic shut down businesses throughout the country and preventing many from generating profits. The loss of income policies provides fast assistance for businesses, and it helps them cover their overhead costs such as operating expenses and paying workers that are still working.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Businesses that use equipment to perform services for their customers will need extra coverage for their machinery and equipment. If the machinery and equipment fail, the business won’t have what they need to complete services for their customers. The policy provides assistance for equipment repairs and replacements when the machinery stops working.

The equipment failures present issues for the business owner and make it impossible for the business owner to complete vital services. This could also generate losses for the business and cause unnecessary slowdowns. When reviewing policies, the business owner discovers that the policy gives them funds faster and helps them avoid these negative repercussions that affect their company negatively.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance helps businesses that operate online and use a website to sell their products. Cyber-attacks lead to identity theft if the website is compromised. The business is required to use IT standards when setting up a website and database for their company. If the website doesn’t meet the IT standards, the business could face serious repercussions if their customers’ data is stolen.

By getting a cyber liability policy, the business protects itself against financial liabilities that could shut down the business. If a customer becomes a victim of identity theft, the business face financial losses for failing to protect their customers.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides protection for commercial vehicles and other parties that are involved in an accident. The coverage level that the business chooses defines how much protection they have for their vehicles. The business owner must meet the mandate for auto coverage in the state, and they can choose a higher level to protect their vehicles and cargo they are delivering in the vehicles.

The business owner cannot use the vehicles for personal reasons and get the same coverage. If they use the vehicle for any reason that isn’t business-related, the business owner will need to purchase auto liability for their vehicles to provide adequate protection.

Business owners need insurance coverage to protect their business against certain liabilities and disasters. When it comes to protecting the company, the business owner must start by protecting their assets. If they own a property, the property must be covered by insurance. Their workers are also great assets, and they need worker’s compensation to cover the workers.

In the online world, the business must protect themselves against liabilities and keep their customers safer. Online the customers are at risk of identity theft if the business owner doesn’t protect their database secured at all times.


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