5 Traits that Make You a Good Remote Worker

Successful Remote Employees
Successful Remote Employees

Remote working sounds pleasing and favorable in most workers.  Yet, due to this current pandemic, most companies are forced to resort to it. Although it is highly preferable, working remotely is not easy at all. A lot of personal and working traits are at stake – those may be subject to imbalance and inconsistency affecting working performance.

However, according to the research of gallup.com, – those who work remotely 60% to 80% of the time — is also the most likely of all employees to strongly agree that their engagement needs associated with development and relationships are being met. So from this type of environment, most workers are boosted and energized to strive further.

Traits you can develop and strengthen to help you be a better professional.

Successful Remote Employees
Successful Remote Employees
  • Productive and Organize

These two are one of the most important qualities in remote working. Most workers are subject to deconstructed time-frame at this type of work.  Setting time schedules for a break like -15 to 30 minutes or 1 hour for lunch will prevent the worker from being stuck at the screen.  The battle between work done versus screen-sucked must be won by work done.

  • Strong Communication Skills

Nothing is sloppier than poor communication skills. This trait must be strengthened for time to time to ensure valid and clear business. Remote workers should excel in all forms of communication because they are resorted to communicating via email or other text platforms. Clarification and proof-read aren’t strong enough as they are with other in-office workmates, so it’s critical to remote workers to provide a proper and valid point.

Comprehension as well should be prioritized to intake information clear and concise. No room for miscommunication must be top agenda.

  • Versatile and Flexible

Working remotely is a big jump into a new environment.  From in-office to the remote    workplace is a battle of psychological conditioning. This is where remote workers should be open to changes, to suffice the need based on the job. Sudden changes in schedules for meetings, conferences, calls, and other priorities will be mostly impromptu.

One should be able to adapt, to take advantage and stay on track. Personal schedules will be affected, so flexibility must be attained to cater responsibilities of the work. A remote worker must be a competitive player to face the game of life.

  • Disciplined and Independent

Distraction is one of the main key problems in the remote workplace. Remote workers should   be able to construct an office-like environment to remain productive and effective. This boosts your psychological welfare to focus and achieved at greater heights and provides a physical cue to people around you. Remote workers are on their own in this type of workplace, so any aid or assistance from in-office workmates are no longer accessible, so one must be independent.

Materials, social media tools, and technology availability must be the same as they were in the office, such as laptops or computers, high-speed internet, tools and accounts, and communication capabilities. Easy at it seems, remote workforce are often lured to freedom and leisure but still, it is the same job just disguised with new excitement and challenges at new heights.

  • Healthy and Active

The remote workforce is often in the same sitting position for almost 8-hours. This results in headaches, postural hypertension, back pain, and many more.  The same way you take care of your job must be the same way you take care of health. One cannot perform their job properly with an unhealthy body.  Take some breaks and do some ice-breaking exercises.

Remote workers should be able to build social networks outside their job. It is important to sometimes get-out at least once a week and do some social activities or even visit Majorca. This way, remote workers can ease some stress and gain more focus and determination.


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